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  1. Well, tbh, the Italian political spectrum has been a full mess for the center-right after "Le mani pulite" of 1992, which become the entrance of il Divo Berlusconi and the long marriage of populist-nationalist parties like Fratelli d'Italia and La Lega in the mainstream audience (And still we got another WOG, three European summits and other events). That door was opened way back.
  2. I'm still surprised the stubbornness and absurdity still came even when the result was actually positive.
  3. Mentioned: -Madrid -A Russian one (Most likely Saint Petersburg) -Rhein-Rhur Potential: -Istanbul -Budapest
  4. I would say in inverse order and let's see if Norway wants to do it now (Or even Poland )
  5. The only close case was Mexico 1986, when they took the rights in 1983 after Colombia withdrawn. But that was long time ago in this aspect.
  6. Well, there's hope for Turkey, if the new Istanbul mayor Ekrem Imamoglu delivers his potential
  7. I guess the line to interpret this note is searching the middle ground. Sure John Coates is Aussie, so there must be some bias and has history of over excited and ahead of himself. On the other hand, as we saw in the recent development of the next decade's cities hosts, we saw the current tendency of the IOC of choosing "safe" countries (Japan-China-France-Italy-USA). So, it's not that wild to think Bach is covering bases with Australia. Of course that doesn't mean Australia will be chosen at 2020, but that would help to develop a proper campaign and create a proper development for Brisbane/Gold Coast for 2032/2036 (Depending if Germany/Spain will bid).
  8. I would add resolve the current crisis of the heat wave, but these are rights. Although, the bold ones, considering the current Modi's government, Hinduism nationalism is priority.
  9. After that press conference performance, I guess Richard Brisius won't be on SOK for a long time. He really looked uncomfortable and regal.
  10. BTW, which French current film director could make the opening ceremony? Roman Polanski is avoided -Michel Hazanavicius (OSS 117 films, The Artist) -Marjane Satrapi (Persepolis) -Jacques Audiard (A Prophet, Rust and Bone) -Xavier Dolan -I know he's Quebecker, but he has career in France- (Mommy, Heartbreakers) -Houda Benyamina (Divines, Netflix's "The Eddy") -François Ozon (8 Femmes, Frantz) -Jean-Pierre Jeunet (Amélie, Aliens 4) -Jean- François Richet (Mesrine) -Guillaume Canet (Rock "n" Roll, Tell No One)
  11. That's why Paris learnt that lesson with the 2024 bid. Also, I remember Chirac and Delanoë (The French mayor at that time) despised each other, even if Alain Juppé (Chirac's right hand) admired Delanoë (Had Juppé became President instead Sarkozy, he would invite Delanoë as part of the government, but that's another story). That's not the way happened with Macron and Hidalgo (Even with their own differences, both worked together for the bid. Even Valerie Plescesse -The governor of Ile-de-France- worked with them). Ironically that's the same thing Sala (Milan's mayor and PD politician) worked with Giuseppe Conte and (gasp) Matteo Salvini for that bid (That bid was capable to unite 3 antagonic parties). That aspect is key for the city-nation relations and gave the image of political unity for the bid. Löfven (The Swedish Prime Minister) did a good job considering the circumstances, but the "rebel mayor" of Anna Könin Jermyr was really damaging for that image of unity.
  12. Thanks. Well, I was busy, but I'll try to be on board.
  13. At least this is a good (potential) omen for the Rhein-Rhur and Brisbane/Gold Coast bids.
  14. Normally I wouldn't want to say the press conference will be dealbreaker, but damn, Stockholm didn't ever try. I wonder if some of the dubious voters watched that conference and said: "Hell no". That reminds me 2012 race when Paris was the favourite but London won. Paris had the best bid (Best technical qualification, narrative), but the lobbying was just messy (And then Chirac's comments on Finnish food). On the other hand, you have London, creating a proper exciting bid around the youth and olympic movement with Blair on board. The difference was, Paris learnt that lesson and went to create a different bid for 2024, now with Macron and Hidalgo on board. Using the same mastermind behind that campaign. In Tokyo, you had a normally serious Abe in a humanistic face related to a bid which can work as catarsis of a catastrophe. Or Rio and Pyeongchang as the cinderellas. Beyond the technical aspects, as was mentioned before, is about "selling themselves" and Italy lived for that. Milan was always expecting to shine alone over Rome and created an opportunity with an old seawolf like Magallo. Sure, the Swedish government was in negotiations; but the lack of confidence per government came before the elections and let's not forget Milan is currently a bright spot of the mainstream PD in antagonism over the current italian government with La Lega and M5S on coalition (That bid made possible three opposite parties working together). Also, I believe the Swedes looked like "amateurs" while promoting the event? The dilligence over the SOK was there, but between the government's lack of response, relative low approval by audiences and relevant holes related to financing and logistics were enough obstacles. Comparing Magallo, Richard Brisius failed so bad in that aspect (Off topic: he looked so regal in that conference).
  15. I'm returning, but this is a full highlight. TBH, for a moment I thought Stockholm has had certain momentum in spoiling things, but then, after having contact with people from Stockholm and showing that lack of support (I could ever say 61% was more considering my personal experience, whatever); then the political retraction (mostly from the mayor) and then adding that sketchy press conference. I knew that was the end of Swedish bid. Anyway, there's always the European Games or Youth Olympics to Stockholm Just in case: Well, only add Italy, Japan, Canada and Australia in the equation. Especially Italy.
  16. I guess they will choose something like London did. Highlighting specific aspects of France: -Gauls (Maybe Asterix and Obelix?) -Declaration of the rights of Man and Citizen as reference to Olympic spirit and human rights. -Moulin Rouge! spectacle -Allegories of cinema and music (Highlighting Édith Piaf with "La Vie en Rose") -Pierre de Coubertain hommage
  17. And again the Independence parties gained steam but still messy inside the regional government. Meanwhile Rajoy is still showing his own incompetence as a leader.
  18. And again Mexico will face Germany and Brazil for one way or another. Russia has the easiest group. If they can't pass...
  19. Currently i'm rediscovering some options for the mastermind of the Ceremonies: Xavier Dolan - Well, he's from Quebec but he's currently working in France. His films usually brings full scheme of cinematique images and rythms with music and some of his ads and music videos have been acclaimed for that. Marjane Satrapi - Just her work in her graphic novels. Luc Besson - Not the greatest option in narrative, but coming with the line of Zhang Yimou-Danny Boyle-Fernando Meirelles in visual style and he can offer spectacle. Robin Campillo - Albeit he made small dramas (btw, watch BPM), he offered talent in visual style
  20. So the Swedish Olympic Committee hasn't given up. Let's see if this time the government approval is there this time. Maybe Pillan will have a full vindication this time lol.
  21. I know the times are weird, but that Winter bid is questionable.
  22. Anyway, merry Christmas all!! If any case, this is a pathological case for actually winning, trying to be discussed as a sore loser.
  23. First, we need to wait first the result of the safe bids of Tokyo-Paris-LA and then we may consider new frontiers again. Even for 2032 they may reach another safe option before and then going to africa.
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