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  1. thanks for the aclaration. And spot on the comment Now, we have another end of the world announcer
  2. Mistake - It was during Obama administration.
  3. Each country have serious problem related to accidents and even with the best plans something could fail. it's unfair and ridiculous remark this as an incompetence, because this is an specific issue with clear and different variables of control. The optimal choice is resolve this situation inmediately, but even in a proper situation, they make the best effort -With mistakes and other problems related- to resolve this tragedy. The nature of criticism is unfair and lame as part of a hateful speech. I hope USA or any other country doesn't have this problem on this.
  4. Like USA damage the Gulf of Mexico for the accident and show incompetence -Using your own values- and create a biological bomb. Maybe as a Mexican I need to reclaim Bush and co. for this damage. Or the same with the French using Pacific islands as a proof of nuclear bombs. Seriously, you seems like a Japanese hater with terrible excuses. Like FYI said wisely: And you as an American as well, I'd be careful about saying things like "Japan is damaging the world by their imcompetence". That could come back to bite you in the behind real quick by individuals who always like to point the finger at the U.S. for whatever reasons.
  5. Thanks for these hysterical advises, this threat is becoming I'm sure the Japanese people are doing the best to resolve this issue. After all, they uphold for tragedies and disasters before. Also, this damage came for a natural disaster. Not like decisions for dictatorships or bad mistakes from the government who costs civil rights.
  6. I feel bad using that word and I was trying to remove. So, I apologize for this. But the point remains. While is true the damage, this point of criticism is mostly biased and with not clear support.
  7. While is relevant to count the damage caused in Fukushima, Paul pathetic attemps to dismisse the Tokyo bid, just because he loves Madrid bid is seriously biased and terrible. So, Paul use the same criticism for your favorites too.
  8. Well, if that's true, close the selections, we have a winner! lol
  9. It could be that or it could be in another way. I understand the point of this comment, but I think this moment is relevant to the history and democracy in Brazil. The government knows a prepared civil society who can fight for their rights in a legal way. If the government learnt of this situation, they can make the things right.
  10. Agreed. With right hands and minds, the Olympics can be a potential inverstment -Barcelona, Sydney, London-. But in most cases we have white elephants
  11. It sounds the same amount of crap for South Africa in 2010 -I still remember the pathetic notes, and then "Surprise!", South Africa made an excellent WC. I agree, unless a civil war starts at this moment, Brazil will make the WC at the end.
  12. If the Spanish Olympic Comitee is smart enough, they must do this. A good technical aspect and the recent losses could make a great bid even with a strong Munich. Again, IF they think with their heads, because with that clear sentiment - Why Barcelona did have an SOG and Madrid don't? is too visceral and strong for them.
  13. Actually it could applied the same argument in Brazil. Also, with the recent actions and declaration for the government, it's not the same situation as Turkey.
  14. I know is a Japanese newspaper, but I agree with most of the article.
  15. At least Germany has the odds in favor of the competition and with an excellent bid. But you are here whining with excuses. Even with this plan, it would mean an WOG in Ukraine before Sweden Hey, actually i'm rooting Ukraine, because it hasn't an OG and has mountains!!! Again, she's in her vendetta of the World vs. Sweden. Poor Sweden, relegated for all of the ugly powerful countries, even when this bid in Stockholm is seriously terrible and almost sure to lose. I would love to see her face when anyone else win in 2015
  16. Oh Please, so now, if you said the plan is flawed your Anti-Swede,,, Let me say, you made this, to hate a wonderful country like Sweden, for your terrible attitude
  17. Agreed O.K., I made a mistake in Dallas for Houston, but again the point remains. You can't say as a fact for only ONE CITY. I was in many cities in both sides of the Atlantic Pillar, and let me say this: Montreal, Chicago and Toronto can compete in infrastructure for cities in Sweden. Yes, I was in both sides of the countries. Second, I never said Sweden didn't deserve an Olympic Games, but sorry, If this is a plan, Sweden will lose easily. Also - You can't compare ONE EVENT made in Hong Kong -Equestrian- by Beijing 2008, with the pathetic proposition of Sweden. You speak travel 600 km. in many days by the competition. The judges must be on the transport by 3 AM!!. Again, Pillar, if you are the voice of Sweden in this, I really hope Germany wins, because you're a sore loser and a troll Again Apples and Oranges. Equestrian is ONLY ONE SPORT, with clear judges and spectators. In the case of a Stockholm bid, you need to travel more than a few times between events in 680 kms. So, the judges of sky jumping must be on train by 3 AM and then return to 5 PM because the competitions in Stockholm will start. Sorry, Pillar, but this is a pathetic excuse.
  18. Anyway, related to Munich. I post this video related to the Olympic bid for 2018 Winter Olympic Games. Even with new plans, I strongly believe with a close plan, Germany could easily win the 2022 Olympic Games
  19. I was in USA, Canada and Sweden and like gromit said, you need to check your facts before whining. While is true the infrastructure in Stockholm is great, actually you need to recognize places like Montreal, Toronto and Chicago. So, again you only put one pathetic example in Dallas -Again, I believe you, but Dallas isn't exactly an excellent point for your argument-. Apart for that the USA and Canada are 22 times bigger than Sweden to make your argument as a FACT. Yes, I traveled in both countries and yes I recognize differences. lso I ruin a thread about Munich? How? The question is Will a Munich 2022 be a favorite? If we should answer that question then we need to look at the other possible candidates. Then it should be allowed to talk about other bids. Again, you only did this: whining with lame excuses. I know, this is your country and you love the idea of an WOG, but again, sometimes you need to put your feet on earth. In my opinion -And the opinion of the majority here-, yes, you are ruining this thread. To you who are saying that Germany haven't host a OG in along time: MUNICH hosted SOG in 1972. Sweden on the other side haven't host a OG since 1912. Then that's not an argument in favour for German. Again pillar, Argentina and Hungary was fighting for an Olympic Games four times and Turkey five times, so by your logic these countries deserves more an Olympic Games than Sweden -Especially Hungary because in narrative and Olympic history are stronger than Sweden-. At the end of the day, this is a competition, maybe you think is unfair, but unfortunally for you, this is how this works. Also Quaker make excellent points: *Germany is more capable to make a WOG. Again, 82 millions in the economical motor of Europe makes a clear difference. Yes, there are particular cases like Norway, but they have success making another strong points in their bids, something than Swedish bids failed to make. *Again, we talk about an unified Germany. Since 1936, they can't have an Olympic Games. *The technical aspect of Stockholm/Are: I was in Sweden and I traveled to the region, Pillar, and let me say you, if Sweden is making this plan, is almost 100% a complete failure -And I don't need to see an official book bid-. Why? Again we need to check these points: a. The distance between Stockholm and Are, again if Rogge said to Norway "No Lillehammer please", did you think he and the IOC will accept 600 km of distance? b. The financial support: Even with the full support of the government, I can't understand how the SOC will ensured the money in this project. It's not even feasible by public administration. c. The infrastructure: I recognize Stockholm has an excellent system of public transport, but again, travel 600 km between two points by thousand of athletes, judges and others is a nightmare even with a good infrastructure. Flying is impossible in these geographical conditions, using a car will be unpractical, so the only possible option is build a new railway line, but again, the money is a problem. d. Population: Even with Stockholm as the principal city, most of the region have a low population. And again, this region is so big by the new WOG standards. e. Munich bid: And the last part of this, Munich bid 2018. If the GOC came with a very close bid by 2022, they will win. In the race of 2018, they have the best technical bid, but the passion and narrative from South Korea won -Especially with the recent impulse by the Koreans in Vancouver-. Again, with these disadvantages, it's almost impossible for an Stockholm/Are to win.
  20. And the best part, Norway has a better track record in WOG alongside Germany. If it was for narrative and triumphs by the WOG, well Norway deserves it.
  21. And let me add this, if Norway will get the WOG, it's just because for two good reasons: *An excellent narrative *A great technical bid ajusted by the modern times If Sweden is still making this plan of putting Stockholm/Are as a WOG, with contenders like Oslo, Barcelona and Munich, with better plans, it just a lost of money and time. Even with an excellent train system, it wouldn't be enough to surpass the geographical and technical obstacles. I would love to see a Swedish event of this proportions, but seriously, this plan is just ridiculous. Oh, please
  22. For Norway, you made an excellent point, history and power around the WOG. And next to that, the NOC is making a great bid plan around the specifications of the modern WOG; especially related to the distance (Not accepted Lillehammer) and having an excellent narrative. About Sweden losses... So in your theory, countries like France (3 defeats), Turkey (5 defeats), Spain (2 consecutives losses with a third next in line), Hungary (5 bids) and Argentina (4 bids) will have more right to be angry than Sweden -Especially Hungary, Turkey and Argentina, which these countries didn't have Olympic Games instead of Sweden- . Right now, it's just whining. So Germany deserves WOG more than Sweden because it's bigger country? Maybe it's unfair, but Germany has the olympic story, the technical aspect, the resources, the population and the narrative in favor. And yes, Germany is a relevant country in the international sphere.
  23. At the beginning I understand your anger defending your country, but right now, you sound a sore loser and this is disappointed after my excellent experience in Sweden. Germany clearly DESERVES this games because: 1. Whatever you like or not, Germany is an sport power; especially related for WOG. So in case of medals, Germany wins Vancouver: 2nd. place; Turin: 1st. place; Salt Lake City: 2nd. place; Nagano: 1st. place 2. Germany's population and influence in Europe is relevant 3. The last WOG was in 1936. Yes; Sweden only have 1912 SOG; but unfortunally Sweden is more a minor country. Even Russia will have the first WOG and China is expecting their Games. 4. we haven't the money to pay the corrupt IOC like Germany right - Oh, please. This is a lame excuse to justify your anger. After checking their excellent Olympic bid plan in 2018, Germany deserved that Olympic Games and again, relevance, history and power are in favor of Germany. 5. Again, 600 km. in Winter is a HUGE weakness. If Oslo needs to chance their original bid because of that, Sweden doesn't have many options. Finally, if you are against of IOC corruption and bla bla excuses... Why are you angry in this post? Especially when you said countries will be ruined. Maybe you should make campaign for withadraw the swedish bid, because after all, it means loss of money. Normally I don't make this assumption, but I really hope Munich wins Sorry - I was trying to say: this is disappointing
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