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  1. If Sweden really wants the Winter Olympics LOL. Although being in two different countries, Scandinavia works as a sole unit (Not like Latvia). Not a lot of difference, even if Norway is not EU member. But that's another "IF"
  2. Sure, not for now, but i'm counting that prospective to 5-7 years apart. -Virginia Raggi will leave the Roman government soon. I can even sign this as close to 100% guaranteed. She was a disaster, her arrogance was something (Even by mediterranean standards) and inside her own party want to drop her to the wolves. -Recently Erdogan lost his support in the main turkish cities. This is a gamble, I accept, but that defeat in Istanbul (his homeground) has made some waves. If the first two years of the new Istanbul mayor are positive, then we have a potential race. -I could agree with Russia, but then people said the IOC won't accept China so soon, and the Russians have still influence inside the different branches of the IOC
  3. Unless Yugoslavia revives as a single country. NOPE.
  4. Agreed. If Athens ended as economical disaster, even when Greece has a bigger GDP and the tourism industry is way more developed; imagine Budapest. Also, Hungary's current economy is in current downside (And that's not just recent), so dreaming of Budapest at this stage is... something. For the next European Games is just: Rome, Italy Madrid, Spain Moscow/St. Petersburg, Russia Rhine-Rhur, Germany Istanbul/Izmir, Turkey Or just repeating hosts from London and Paris.
  5. And we know how it worked for Rio (double point. I really liked Rio Games, but I can't deny the obstacles and issues there). Also Bangkok is facing the same issues like Jakarta. It's over crowded, with bad public transport and both cities are sinking (If global warming continues, both cities may disappear at the edge of XXII century). And that's not counting Thailand is perhaps one of the countries with more coups d'état in history. The political instability is clear there. The IOC can work with autocrats, but they want order. If the Summer Youth Olympic Games were a test, then Singapore would have been the better candidate considering, at difference of Bangkok and Jakarta, everything in Singapore is clean and in full order. The problem with all Southeastern Asia is related to their cities and the weather. Ironically, the only one who offered almost everything is Singapore. But they won't throw money for that soon.
  6. Maracana, Luzhiniki, Stade de France, LA Rams, eat your hearts out
  7. Srly, I missed her right now. Reading her old tantrums and anti-Swedish conspiracy theories is not the same.
  8. Just in case, (traces) the handovers of each Olympics Tokyo 2020 Rio 2016 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iY6-TEOUwBQ London 2012 Beijing 2008 Athens 2004 The issue with this handover is to make a short spectacle attractive, relatable to the Olympic host city and pop culture. Tokyo had Captain Tsubasa, Mario Bros, Doraemon and Hello Kitty Rio had the Carnival, Adriana Lima, Copacabana and Pele London had the buses, Jimmy Page and David Beckham Beijing had martial acts, Music and fireworks Athens had that boring ancient story presentation? At least having Zorba the Greek would have been more relatable... For Paris, it's keeping key aspects to identify modern France: Can Can and Moulin Rouge and David Guetta can work here.
  9. Yep. Lillehammer at Youth Olympics may be the last. Maybe Stockholm could win a Youth Summer Olympics / European Games now (Buenos Aires got 2018). Although, considering the low level of political and audience support for international prospects like Euro UEFA. They hadn't any plan or talk since 2016. Much less with Italy and the Balkans working for 2028 and dropping fast for 2020 and 2024...
  10. Yep. Unless there's a full open door for the Nordic countries, they won't be there for the IOC for some years. But checking more of this, in full honesty, it seems the Nordic countries are actually rejecting hosting big events. For the Euro happened similar story. They went almost as "whatever" during the qualification for the 2020 Euro to get the Pan European stadiums. They didn't ever showed enthusiasm for the Friends Arena. Then all the Nordic bid withdrawn for 2024. In 2016 Denmark pushed the idea again for 2028, but since then, full silence. And that's not counting other events which Sweden and Denmark had rejected including the European Handball Championship. It seems the Nordic countries seem to get over for the idea to get events there (Unless if it's Eurovision Song).
  11. Tbh, I made that comment before reading the study atm. I'm retracted that. I though Brisbane was in better shape, considering the results of Gold Coast 2018, the prior development of Queensland government in key infrastructure and roads (I had the prior notices of these projects but wasn't there live) and the interest per Aussie National Committee. However, it will need a lot of effort to pull a compelling bid. One would say there's a silver linings of Brisbane is related to time, but in highsight, this is a lot of money and reconfiguration of the city to make Brisbane as proper SOG host city of XXI century. Also, considering the same Australia has Melbourne (A cosmopolitan city with prospective 5 millions, becoming the cultural and sports hub of Australia and stealing the shadow of Sydney by then) on the right side, it would be like the Germans choosing Leipzig over Munich/Hamburg.
  12. The only thing I could say Zagreb is if all the ex Yugoslavia makes a proper Winter Olympics and put Sarajevo again (With Zagreb/Belgrade as secondary host cities) and that's a big if.
  13. This was one of my favourite opening ceremonies. The giants walking on the street of Paris is a must for me.
  14. And still famous athletes like Lindsey Vonn supported Cortina as better ski resort and was really critical of Are But hey, maybe these 47 voters were Norwegian/German/USA lovers who were afraid of Sweden.
  15. OMG, now this "pathetic argument" is gaining value, isn't it? Also, Rogge was a salesman. That was "diplomatic". He even said Guadalajara, Durban, Doha and Kuala Lumpur were ready for SOG.
  16. At least for now, Spain is safe. Even acting as counterbalance for Italy. Let's see what happens next, but Pedro Sanchez played his cards excellent.
  17. Now, I would say this also helps Brisbane/Gold Coast and a potential Istanbul/Marmara (Or Izmir) bids to spread the games.
  18. I could say, this can happen sooner considering the good WOG bids are scarse. Also Lyon has a feud with Paris for living in the shadows
  19. Rumor has it, Italy is also preparing a Euro UEFA bid. Verona would be part of the host cities (It was part of the 1990 FIFA World Cup plan). "Surprising" ("" for irony) the M5S agrees on these events lol.
  20. Eh, comparing Jakarta, Rio is a field day in the prairie. Also, considering the government is making plans to change the capital to inner Borneo after the news of the city sinking fast.
  21. Also Karin Wanngard (Stockholm mayor between 2014-2018) who actually was the first one who said "Nope, Stockholm is out" even with the SOK begging and showing interest
  22. Now, considering how Milan worked perfectly for the second cities. Watch from Europe: Lyon - It's only 1:30 hours from Annecy/Albertville and this is the second metropolitan area of France after Paris (With more of 2 millions). Like Milan, Lyon was always in the shadows of Paris even if the city has its own charm and value. The Parc Olympique Lyonnais can work perfectly for Opening Ceremony, and like Italy did, the closing can be made in St. Etienne or Grenoble. Barcelona/Zaragoza - The Castilian nightmare continues now with La Molina Krakow - Now, after being selected as host for the European Games. Let's see what happens there. Also, Slovakia is closer in border, not like Latvia.
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