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  1. I guess Bach may offer Jakarta the idea to campaign for the Youth Summer Olympics instead, especially with the Chinese support. Betting the Youth Games will be like that - "consolation prize" Now, I wonder if Bach will convince a Western Europe (aka Madrid or Germany) and Seoul (without North Korea and the scandal of WADA behind) to stay in the race in case of Brisbane drop out or for future negotiations to 2032 and 2036 events as back up plan.
  2. It's ironic, but the 2020 Madrid bid can perfectly work in this current race. Even for certain athletic events, they can use Seville's La Cartuja (Right now a white elephant) and both cities are connected by AVE. If only they were more patient and less stubborn... Still, there's the growing antagonism with Barcelona (Winter Olympics). And the prospects to win the 2030 FIFA World Cup (But that's just a small reference considering the value of La Liga Española and the stadiums.
  3. Well, the other safe cities aren't presenting and to avoid Jakarta and Mumbai potential disasters...
  4. I'm refering the decade from taking the decision. Wait till mid 2040.
  5. After the WADA sentence, we won't watch Russia for at least a full decade.
  6. Ironic considering the golden era of gay porn was given per Hungarian and Czechs actors.
  7. Some sources said Jakarta officers are discussing the feasibility of the bid. I know Bach plays like a salesman, but this would be one of those times the bid may be "rethinking".
  8. Hoping the best for the German bid. More I read of Brisbane bid, the less I like it (especially when Australia has Melbourne as the better option).
  9. It can be the "Persepolis" creator Marianne (converted from Marjane) Sartrapi
  10. I wonder if Footix can be an obstacle for choosing the rooster again
  11. Under current times, practical choices. Also the USA is the biggest country, the American media still pays the big bucks in TV and streaming rights and the sponsorships. But yep, if I need to go for a potential next future hosts: 2030: Salt Lake City (USA) 2034: Sapporo (Japan) 2038: Lyon/Alps (France)
  12. They choose Beijing. So yep, bribery can be accepted if this is practical.
  13. This. Although the idea to make a resemblance to Marianne is nice though.
  14. Waiting till the post: "Indonesia is the latest frontier of the Olympics" "Jakarta can be Olympic host city". LOL
  15. The key success of the next Olympics will be related of how successful are the new host cities. At least in this time, both Olympics may count safe countries and cities which can develop proper projects without ending in white elephants and still they keep a respectable level of support. I think, for now, we may see returning hosts (especially on winter Olympics). Salt Lake City and Sapporo are ready, and then I can see next a French expansive Alpine host with Lyon as the main center (As becoming in the second most populous French metropolitan city. In an idea of Milan-Rome)
  16. Oops wrong. I thought it was the Seoul-Pyeongyang combined bid.
  17. If there was just Seoul, I would may give them better odds, but alas...
  18. Now, checking the 2030 WOG thread I remember what I said after the double allocation of Paris-Los Angeles. Had Madrid waited for a couple of cycles, they could have win in a heartbeat the rights for this 2032 SOG. Now, reading more about Brisbane's plans, the Castilian stubbornness and CONE arrogance may cost an easier opportunity. That was on silver plate if patience was their quality. They could wait for the missing installations till the rights were given and now they would have more time to develop. Like Julia Roberts in "Pretty Woman": Huge Mistake, Madrid! Big! Huge! Well, I read the new government of Madrid may consider bidding for 2032 or 2036 Games. Let's see if that happens.
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