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  1. The main (and perhaps) sole reason is political post Brexit. Some sort of counterbalance to avoid the centralized influence of London, while BoJo consolidating the northern lines.
  2. Just a week after the event. Boring ceremony, but the last hour brings the excitement. Then "Parasite" became the first foreign language film to win Best Picture and South Korea became the second non anglophone to have a sole Best Picture winner (non co-production) after France (2011's "The Artist"). After the impact of K-Pop and Asian sports, now this. If only Pres. Moon drops North Korea and goes for a sole Seoul Summer Olympics.
  3. Beside that, the border is mixed between low infrasteucture and chemical exposure per Chernobyl
  4. If I need to pick the cities: -Los Angeles -New York City -Dallas -Atlanta -Boston -Washington D.C. -Kansas City -Miami -Seattle -San Jose With Philadelphia and Houston as alternatives.
  5. TBH, I think it's better doing the ceremonies in one sole stadium. So it's better that idea.
  6. Nah, if Almaty couldn't win with the "artificial snow", there's no way unless there's Braslov and Lviv.
  7. Just in case, the dimensions of the Randstad (I wrote it wrong before, sorry)
  8. Well, considering Netherlands is a small and urbanized country (one of the top 15 worldwide), and 70-75% of the population lived in the Randstaat limits (The megalopolis comprised of the 4 majors cities and subsidiaries) it's not exactly far fetched. Like Stefan mentioned, the cities are within 90 minutes maximum each other. Actually an Olympic bid of the Randstaat would be like the Rhine-Ruhr mentioned before for Germany, but more compact and better developed to be honests.
  9. Yes, the bid is Barcelona Winter Olympics (Madrid doesn't have mountains close of the city). The Catalonian government made a proper bid. Now the question is about the preferences and political will related to both cities.
  10. Going per numbers, Brazzaville is not exactly "worse" than Dakar to be honests. At least Brazzaville has a minimal sense of order (Not like Kinshasa). Anyway, I still wonder why Morocco or Botswana hadn't raise hand to this now.
  11. I confirm this thread has become promotion tour lol.
  12. The last time I revise geography, that was Barcelona NOT Madrid, and considering the recent political swift... Probably Madrid 2032 will fight against the Catalonians (again).
  13. I said before and I will repeat. If South Korea was alone, right now I would put Seoul as favourite (regarding Brisbane, Madrid or any other). Seoul has almost anything on board, the political will is there and infrastructure on first level. But joining Pyongyang?
  14. Exactly. If we go for the sole "Master Plan and Venues" ligned, then Stockholm would have won. Or Boston would have been accepted with no hesitation. Promising doesn't cost anything. The main issue is about the cost and final adaptation. So far, while the plan looks so "dandy" and "beautiful", there are still huge concerns related to the clear plan and organization and that's not clear in those lines.
  15. Interesting, even with the menace of a potential crash, currently the financial lines of Spain (in macroeconomic aspects) look much better this time than in 2009 (And even better comparing Italy, which has a stagnant economy but still will host the Winter Olympics). And reading news about it, this time, the main football clubs of Madrid seemed to have more involvement in the bid, which can be solved some $$ and logistics aspects. The question is about the political line considering the current Parliament... But then, if this works in Italy with full antagonic parties...
  16. Now checking the posts, this looks more as the promotion team of the bid while selling the idda to the audience
  17. This has been precisely the point of Stockholm 2026. And still they lost to a bid which needs a full process for constructing venues (including the main stadiums). Even some aspects of the Agenda 2020 has been in blury lones precisely for the lack of limits about the "adaptation of the city's needs". "Brisbane and Australia has proven that it has what it takes to get this done. " How? The only reference we have it's the feasibility study, which as we can verify in every race, this plan is adapted and on top of that, like Nacre said, the main venues are the most expensive to build. Madrid can still spoil the party if they present the 2020 bid adapted. Jakarta is a non sense agreed. There's still 7 months to reconsider the race to say way behind.
  18. Reading the feasibility report reminds me the idea of Stockholm 2026. Nice at the beginning, but then you start questioning key aspects in consideration related to the costs and needs of the venues. And considering how Brisbane looks just a year ago, sorry but I don't believe these numbers for few venues. Brisbane can be the third Australian city but it's not Melbourne or Sydney in this kind of development
  19. However her party has in some polls 13% of vote share and more recently I read some grassroot opposition on social network, citing Gold Coast 2018 as a clear no.
  20. Good news of the bid, the opposition came from an "outsider" mostly known for her xenophobic and anti-Aboriginal campaigns.
  21. Yep. I Morocco will be the back up plan. But srly, Africa is having a terrible record so far (Durban at the Commonwealth Games and now Dakar).
  22. If Morocco doesn't came to save the face, Africa will be forbidden to host Olympics in generations ahead.
  23. How the idea to prevent floods is being used as part of the Olympic bid, instead being something essential for the current megalopolis with the biggest risk of sinking...
  24. Well, at least for 2032 has the big elephant in the room out at once. And still the bid is practical. For some reason, I gave better odds now to Madrid - Honest. They may have better cards this time. Now, it's checking how to play. Ironically, if there's something the chimera parties right now are looking is precisely the Castillian pride (even with different prospects). If the Spanish Olympic Committee learnt the lesson and show more humilty, the parties will back the bid Think like the Italian political puzzle seen during the 2026 Winter Olympics (which was capable to join La Lega, PD and M5S even when they were in war for other instances).
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