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  1. Because there is a conflict about which us cities must be candidates for olympics i propose that USA must awarded every olympics from 2024 until 2032 so as every city to be satisfied. 2024:New York 2026:Denver 2028:Chicago 2030:SLC 2032:Dallas but maybe for athensfan this isnt enough also......
  2. i propose that as Russia bid for 2014 with sochi, USA could bid with Miami for Winter Olympics of 2026.
  3. Concerning WOG we have in a period of 6 olympic cycles (2 hosts in america, 3 in europe and 1 in asia) if we count from 1980 for example. Logic says that 2022 goes to Europe and especially in a Central/North European country, since last 2 in that continent were in South (Italy, Southern Russia). Then it is america's turn maybe..Asia again will wait some years i guess.. 1980 Lake Placid, USA 1984 Sarajevo, Yugoslavia 1988 Calgary, Canada 1992 Albertville, France 1994 L
  4. why completely rebuilt ? even Tokyo for 2020 proposes a lot of venues from 1964 Olympics
  5. I noticed that Salt Lake city has maintained all the venues of 2002 games. If they ever bid they will not need to spend any money for new facilities, i think it is the only city with that capability
  6. does anyone know sth for the new santa clause stadium in San Fransisco ?
  7. If berlin also bid you have all fucked up. Germany has the economic potential to host olympics as well as a lot of venues ready
  8. if USA takes 2024 Olympics i am sure you will say to us, that they must bid again for 2032 or 2036 because then you will not like to wait until 2050s.
  9. Toronto will bid, and even Guadalajara considers a bid. Doha too from Qatar
  10. and from non European countries which cities you see?
  11. Unfortunately athensfan you will have another opponent added for 2024 http://www.gamesbids.com/eng/olympic_bids/future_bids_2016/1216136386.html Rome To Bid For 2024 Olympic Games The Associated Press reports that Rome is preparing to bid for the 2024 Summer Olympic Games. Rome dropped out of its bid for the 2020 Games for economic reasons. Sunday Rome's Mayor Gianni Alemanno said, "we have to be ready in 2017 to again present a bid for the Olympics". Rome dropped out of its 2020 bid in February, a day before the deadline for submissions of bid files to the International Olympic Committe
  12. 2 year qualification period? and nba players will participate in these games during season? This is ridiculous. Basketball will not reach football's importance after all in any way
  13. well the best olympics ever (2008) were held by commies
  14. vietnam will be the next asian country to host olympics
  15. i think it would be better for basketball tournament to be held in a pure basketball venue
  16. what about boxing in las ventas, basketball at palacios de los deportes and volleyball at Vistalegre
  17. Fencing isnt so popular and in previous bids Volleyball which is more popular was about to be held in Coslada, outside Madrid
  18. This topic is for Tokyo's 2020 bid, go to discuss Emperor's subjects to other topic. Ok? Bye
  19. Polideportivo Fernando Martin in Fuenlabrada (5,500 seats) could be used for Fencing so that a Pavillion in IFEMA could be released for Boxing. And Palacio Vistalegre to host basketball. No need for Las Ventas Opinions?????
  20. any new development for basketball venue?
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