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  1. Toronto, best north American city for Olympics !!!!!
  2. Palacio Vistalegre is not being used.
  3. European countries will never vote in favor of Berlin in 2024 because if Germany takes summer Olympics these countries will pay the bill of costs as they do now for Germany. All this "euro-zone economic crisis" is nothing else than Germany's plan to strengthen its economy that damaged with the unification in 1990, and they are speculating against other Europe poor countries
  4. If Madrid's bid was 36-40 years after Barcelona 1992, It could had a better chance
  5. i searched about durban, they only have football stadiums. And small city for Olympics i think. Maybe africa's time will be at 2030s
  6. The background differs between countries. In UK football is the most spectacular sport. So it is normal for all countries of UK like Scotland and wales to have some football matches. In Canada the spread of the football tournament as wide as possible is implemented by having football matches in 2 biggest cities after Toronto (Montreal and Ottawa). Οntario also is the most populous province so its logical to have there more than one stadiums. I dont think that this spread could satisfied having matches in greater distances (that would create other problems) and considering that in that regions
  7. I cant understand all you in the discussion here, really. I wish to everybody a happy new year
  8. If USA take the 2024 SOG then after how many years will seek a WOG bid?
  9. I think USA must awarded 2024 and 2026 Olympics since they give the most money to IOC.
  10. Athensfan's point is that there is relation between WOG and SOG but this doesnt count when it comes to USA case. It is 100% fair to all countries....
  11. 2024 for USA, then again at 2040
  12. Υou have stacked in Durban...
  13. "We are looking around internationally at other cities that we might end up bidding against but this is still early on in the process," added Probst.
  14. Anchorage also had bid for 1992 and 1994 i saw
  15. For WOG only Denver i see it has some infrastructure, except SLC
  16. I found this but Bozeman is too too small city for Olympics i guess http://www.bozeman2026.com/2012/11/usoc-will-not-bid-on-2022-games-bozeman.html
  17. From all these countries i prefer USA
  18. If all these are true then how you explain that USA has been awarded 4 times the summer olympics and 4 times the winter olympics far many times than any other country??
  19. Utah announces bid for 2nd Winter Olympics SALT LAKE CITY • Utah officials plan to make another bid to hold the Winter Olympics. Gov. Gary Herbert and Salt Lake City Mayor Ralph Becker made the announcement Monday outside the University of Utah stadium, where ceremonies were held for the 2002 Winter Games. A committee of advisers urged Herbert and Becker to make what could be a longshot bid for the 2026 Winter Games — other U.S. cities could argue it’s their turn. Salt Lake faces possible challenges from Denver and the Reno-Tahoe area. Utah says it can capitalize on the infrastructure lef
  20. i have a very different opinion for Euro 2020. I think it must be awarded to USA...
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