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  1. Canada could go also for a FIBA Junior World championship
  2. Thats why New York and Chicago won
  3. USA can host both Summer and Winter in fairly close succession but you have different opinion when it is discussed for other countries even in more years between winter and summer Olympics
  4. Αre u serious man? Atlanta was in 1996? How could be SLC in 1998?
  5. + last Olympics there in 1924
  6. Boxing will be in Palacio de Vistalegre or in IFEMA at last? In site, it is located still in IFEMA
  7. Wrestling is the oldest sport known to man. Wrestling is an original Olympic sport. Millions of people compete in wrestling worldwide. 179 different countries have FILA affiliations. 79 countries sent participants to the 2012 Olympic games. Athletes from 29 different countries received Olympic medals at the 2012 Olympic games. An Olympic medial is the ultimate goal for a wrestler. Wrestling is being mentioned in Olympic hymn. New Olympic wrestling rules Wrestling's governing body hopes rule changes designed to make matches more exciting and easier to understand will get the sport back in
  8. Can anyone inform us about existing sports facilities in Anchorage?
  9. Possible 2026 Winter Bid From Anchorage Anchorage Mayor Dan Sullivan has announced that he is looking for volunteers to form an exploratory committee to look into a possible bid for the 2026 Winter Olympic Games. The Anchorage Daily news reports Sullivan said communities across the state would help host the Games. About 30 years ago there were attempts to bring the 1992 and 1994 Games to Alaska. Alaska lost out to Albertville France and Lillehammer Norway. But this time Sullivan says things are different. He said, "I'd like to think we've become a better city, in virtually every category, sin
  10. I think that Jamaica should host Olympics before Bolt retired
  11. Αt the same logic Japan had winter Olympics in 1998 so spain is greater favorite if you equalize winter with summer olympics.
  12. I think Toronto should bid for 2024 (its 48 years after montreal 1976). Australia had its 2nd summer Olympics after 44 years (1956-2000), so its logical. Madrid should bid for 2032-2036.
  13. i see no reference for security matters in a possible US host city....
  14. i dont think that the most important point is which city will put a bid forward but who will be head of the bidding committee. We should not discuss whether it will be LA or Dallas or NY but whether it will be Mitt Romney or someone else.. ))))))))))))
  15. climbing for olympic event and wrestling out. Lol......
  16. Fester grip on urban development in the eastern districts Oslo launched at a press conference today three concepts within the overall framework "Games in the City" is to ensure a good and necessary development of the capital. At the same time also most systems now in place. Urban development in Oslo East: How can it look like if a participant and media village will be added Økern. (Illustration: Snøhetta / Cowi / MIR) City council leader Stian Berger Rosland (H), sports commissioner John Elvestuen (V) and agency director Oslo2022, Eli Grimsby, today unveiled concept study that was submitte
  17. 2024 olympics will be in Toronto
  18. If squash enters the program, logic says that a racquet sport will be removed (table tennis or badminton)
  19. someone help me to understand. Since he says "need a core of 25 and then one extra sport", then why the sports are 28 and not 26?
  20. if it will not be mod pentathlon then one of Badminton/Table tennis will be removed.
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