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  1. Germans are much different people and very sensitive in cost matters rather than Mediterranean people who dont think about the next day
  2. who cares for commonwealth games except britain and australia?
  3. Los angeles showed a strong interest
  4. which city will be USA's 2024 bid?
  5. what about sri lanka? they lost for a few votes the 2018 games
  6. I saw the list of venues that from official site of Buenos Aires 2018. I have a question if anybody knows: Where Indoor Volleyball will be held in Parque de los Niños? Are they going to build a Temporary Arena there?
  7. I have one question. Since in FISU site mentioned that "The programme of the Universiade currently includes 10 compulsory sports (13 compulsory disciplines) and up to 3 optional sports", then why we have too many optional sports?? 13 in Kazan i counted
  8. The Official Website Of The Hobart 2022 Youth Olympics
  9. Αrgentina is a great country with wonderful people and deserves such a competition. I hope to see Argentina to reach Spain as sports power soon...
  10. can we have melbourne 1996 bid plan?
  11. Curious also as to why Atlanta didnt destroy USA's chances for Winter Olympics for at least the half period of 25-30 years.
  12. another winter olympics with only 12-16 years difference i think contributes more in that period i said (25-30 years).
  13. too early for another winter games in Canada i think. In addition if it is successful (2022 or even 2026) it will destroy Canada's chances for summer Olympics hosting for at least 25-30 years
  14. My dear friend athensfan dont get tired yourself for Olympics hosting. There is a solution for all olympics in future, your name gave that solution. Olympic games in permanent base in Athens, Greece, their birthplace...
  15. USA World Cup 1994 was one of the best with record of attendance. If there will not be in USA the 2026 world cup then i would like Mexico
  16. at the same logic Tokyo shouldn't be awarded the 2020 SOG because Japan was more recent (1998 WOG) than Spain (1992 SOG)
  17. Αt 2028, it will be 52 years after Montreal 1976, so a good momentum for Toronto
  18. No Obama has the glory of peace maker, wait until the tomahawks will be launched when the President says "Go"... why not? Atlanta 1996 bribery, SLC 2002 Bribery again
  19. if Thomas Bach will be elected what will he choose? Munich 2022 or Berlin 2024?
  20. i think USA will not bid for 2024 and 2026 too. They will go straight for 2028 with Toronto main rival and South Africa
  21. They say that also indoor volleyball will be in Parque de los Niños. Are they going to construct an indoor arena there?
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