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  1. Olympics 2024: "Expecting the end of the year to make a decision"
  2. When USOC will make their decision for the bidding city for 2024?
  3. i think USA-Canada should co-host FIFA World Cup 2026 or 2022
  4. it seems all cities pave the way for Los Angeles
  5. USA last time hosted SOG was in 1996, France in 1924 USA last time hosted WOG was in 2002, France in 1992 LA last time hosted olympics was in 1984, Paris in 1924 So with no doubt it is Paris turn to host Olympics. Bye bye LA
  6. Stade de France will be the main stadium
  7. which city will be USA's bid for 2024??
  8. this may make their bid a bit arrogant, and because of arrogance they lost 2012 games
  9. which athletes are the hopes of Canada for gold medal in Sochi, in speed skating?
  10. the logic is 3, because 1-2 are too less.
  11. i dont think that Argentina can afford the construction of 6-7 new stadiums
  12. God is for all people of the earth, not only to bless USA
  13. "God Bless America" is too racist phrase for a country that is considered so liberal
  14. Los Angeles will announce bid and then withdraw?? thats crazy
  15. My prediction for Canada golds in sochi Freestyle Skiing =3 Snowboarding =2 Bobsleigh =1 Figure Skating =1 Short Track =1 Curling =2 Ice Hockey =1
  16. A South Africa bid will be technically realistic and impressive enough to win IOC members support? I am waiting to see what they will offer because in some internet sites i see that half of proposed venues aren't realistic at all
  17. You are also one of the guys of this forum that had predicted Chicago 2016 and Istanbul 2020
  18. Very logic if we assume that 3rd time in row outside europe is too difficult
  19. I think LA will be USA's choice at last
  20. i think every IOC president's policy is to attract as many bids as possible
  21. any proposal for the location of that "in discussion" stadium?
  22. I think this is more tourist logo to attract visitors for 2016 summer in LA
  23. Hamburg Pulls Back From 2024 Summer Olympic Bid Wednesday, November 13, 2013 9:17am EST GB Staff Hamburg decided Tuesday to pull back on a possible bid for the 2024 Summer Olympic Games, following a clear "no" in a referendum held on Munich's bid for the 2022 Winter Games. Guenter Ploss, President of the Hamburg sports federation HSB, told the Hamburger Abendblatt Daily "it would be careless to go forward with this now". He said local officials must first analyze what went wrong in Munich before considering submitting a bid. Michael Neumann, a spokesman for the local politician responsibl
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