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  1. http://www.nytimes.com/2012/07/23/sports/olympics/which-us-city-most-deserves-the-olympics.html?pagewanted=all&_r=0 An article for possible cities for both occasions, 2024 and 2026 Springfield 2024? Which U.S. City Most Deserves the Olympics? Not everyone thinks of Austin as a city for winter sports. There is the decided lack of snow, for one thing. And the average December-January temperatures range from 41 to 62. But, why not? If we set American ingenuity to the task, we can certainly come up with a polymer that would do the job, some petroleum-based product that would be powdery a
  2. Yes but now in badminton and in table tennis only China dominates the golds. They have 8-9 sure gold medals. In badminton also the shuttlecock has such speed that we cant also watch it. I think one of these 2 sports, badminton in my opinion should be excluded. Canoe slalom, BMX and golf as you said and maybe rugby are only add expenses, i don't think that olympic program gains sth extraordinary with these sports.
  3. i agree. i think Olympics dont need more sports but less. A Also i think BMX racing should be removed (too childish), badminton and Trampoline (too stupid) and canoe slalom. We would have less venues for the countries to construct (canoes slalom's is too expensive) and none will understand the absence of these sports.
  4. Munich can win the games if they bid. Germany has never hosted WOG since 1936. And one of the top medal countries in these games.
  5. Average HIGH 41 C in june, july and average LOW 30 C. My God!!
  6. You will be at your home, with strong supporters. I don't think that 9-11 golds is not achievable. Football teams need some caution, you were the favorite in some games in the past in both men and women but the result wasn't the expecting.
  7. Yes, it was very stupid to select 3. None will remember them i think as in other games in the past
  8. Next FIBA world championship after 2 consecutive ones in Europe, it will probably be awarded to Americas (Puerto Rico or Brazil)
  9. Polar bear should be the only mascot i think. Bear is the natural symbol of Russia, like Eagle in USA
  10. 2018 FIBA Basketball World Cup bids Europe Germany, France After Germany and France withdrew their 4-nations-bid to host the EuroBasket 2015 (together with Italy and Croatia) Ingo Weiss, DBB president, announced an interest of France and Germany to host jointly the 2019 FIBA Basketball World Cup. Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania Only Lithuania has ever qualified for a World Championship, and it hosted EuroBasket 2011. Latvia hosted the EuroBasket Women 2009. However, the previous two world championships were held in European countries. Americas Puerto Rico Puerto Rico, hold
  11. Concerning the continents and world cup i would like to say that i prefer a host country in north america rather than in asia or even africa. Especially in asian countries football isnt so popular except 2-3 of them . And because some american friends maybe find me hostile i say to them that i am in favor of USA against Qatar if 2022 bis is going to be repeated. Middle east to host such a competition? it is failure for me. In what weather they will play? And in a country that has never reached world cup finals. It is absolutely crazy. Blatter resign NOW!
  12. , Victor Montagliani president of the Canadian Soccer Association
  13. FIFA announced on October 29, 2007 that it will no longer continue with its continental rotation policy, implemented after the 2006 World Cup host selection. The newest host selection policy is that any country may bid for a World Cup, provided that their continental confederation has not hosted either of the past two World Cups. Τhat means asia and europe out of selection bid for 2026
  14. OFC is also distinct. That means that Australia must host the world cup every 24 years when the rotation is complete
  15. I agree. 1994 world cup it was the best i have ever watched from that time. But FIFA has its own ruled, thats why awarded the competition to nations like Qatar. Personally i preferred USA from Qatar for 2022. If FIFA follows a rotation then u find logic, 2 consecutive world cups in America? 2026 and 2030? concerning that Argentina will go for 2030
  16. USA didnt host FIFA World cup in 1994? Or they must host it too periodically?
  17. 2026: Africa - Morocco 2030: America - Argentina and Uruguay 2034: Europe - Spain 2038: Asia - China or Australia
  18. Europe has a lot of countries that could host a world cup. They should allowed to bid more often. England, Spain, Italy could host the world cup. Europe can not be compared with North America that has 2-3 countries able to organize such a competition or with south America that also has 1-2, or with Africa that technically has only south Africa or morocco. It is very stupid I think the rotation should be sth like this 1st: America (south and north) 2nd: Europe 3rd: Asia, Africa and Australia
  19. Υes i agree, but last years south America emerges also. Maybe Argentina will follow Brazil some time in future
  20. http://www.nytimes.com/2012/07/04/sports/olympics/us-olympic-committee-decides-not-to-bid-for-2022-games.html?_r=0 U.S. Olympic Committee Pulls Out of Bidding for 2022 Games Before It Begins Three years after Chicago’s bid to host the 2016 Summer Olympics was soundly defeated, the United States Olympic Committee said Tuesday that it would study whether to seek to host the 2024 Summer Games and the 2026 Winter Games. To help the United States win a bid for either or both of those Games, the U.S.O.C. said it would not bid to host the Winter Games in 2022 even though some cities had already s
  21. who will be president of IOC after 2013?
  22. all right then why zac rogue said for a possible Torodo 2024 olympics since there are only 14 years from 2010 WOG? He said clearly that panamerican games can help them win the SOG just like in case of Brazil
  23. We speak about summer olympics. USA hosted in 1996. Russia in 1980. Dont mix the 2 olympics
  24. What about your thinking? we all know how Atlanta took 1996 Olympics In 1997 an article appeared in the German periodical Der Spiegel accused the Atlanta Committee for the Olympic Games (ACOG) of bribing IOC members with up to $120,000 in cash, gold credit cards and college scholarships for their children. In one case, allegations that Atlanta had promised free heart surgery to IOC members coincided with reports that an IOC official had suffered a heart attack while visiting the city, with the medical expenses covered by ACOG as a "professional courtesy". In his defense, ACOG Chairman Billy P
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