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  1. Madrid already has a lot of venues.
  2. well even Brisbane 2028 has many events throught various Queensland regions which has an area of 1,851,736 km2 which is 3+ times the land of Spain (550.000km2)
  3. https://today.in-24.com/sport/News/146013.html
  4. why not? Brisbane also will transform an existing stadium without a track
  5. Latin America was host in 2016 right??
  6. do you really believe from economic aspect an argentina or african bid can have any luck? After 12 years there will be pressure for the games to return to Europe. Madrid or Rome for me have the most possibilities
  7. After 2028 in LA and 2032 in Brisbane, 2036 summer Olympics will sure go to Europe. So Madrid is the big favorite
  8. If 2018 and 2022 went to Asia then why not 2026 and 2030 to Europe? i dont think IOC (especially for the winter games where options for potential hosts arent so many ) gives so much imprtance in the continental rotation now than in the past. They just want a country that has the economic potential to held the games and strong public sport for the competition
  9. german people consider highly the cost aspect of the games ??
  10. is there any chance for Munich or Olso to try again?
  11. It seems German people dont want Olympics for economic.cost reasons. Thats why the reject Munich and Hamburg bids in referendums
  12. Spain, Portugal reveal joint bid for 2030 FIFA World Cup By Agency - October 8, 2020 Share on Facebook Tweet on Twitter Spain and Portugal have confirmed that the two countries would be putting forward a joint bid to host the 2030 FIFA World Cup. Ahead of the friendly match between Portugal and Spain on Wednesday (local time), the football federations of both the countries ratified an agreement to share the event. The Spain/Portugal bid is the fourth to confirm that they will be participating in the process to host the tournament, Goal.com reported. “This agreement means an important step for this common project of federations, but also for the countries. Soccer, sport, is a magnificent tool to inject strength and will to overcome in these moments of great difficulty,” Goal.com quoted FEF president Luis Rubiales as saying. “Few things can be more exciting than the opportunity to organise a World Cup and we cannot think of a better partner than Portugal. We go hand in hand with the Portuguese Federation,” he added. The 2022 FIFA World Cup is slated to be played in Qatar while the 2026 World Cup will be jointly hosted by Canada, United States and Mexico. The hosting rights for the 2030 World Cup will be decided in 2024 by FIFA and the bidding process for hosting the event will start in 2022. Earlier, Romania, Greece, Bulgaria and Serbia also signalled their intent to participate in order to get the hosting rights of 2030 World Cup. A joint-bid from Uruguay, Argentina, Paraguay and Chile is also in the running to host the event. https://www.insidesport.co/spain-portugal-reveal-joint-bid-for-2030-fifa-world-cup/
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