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  1. Sydney2000 and Athens2004 = Best Olympics ever !
  2. If 2018 and 2022 went to Asia then why not 2026 and 2030 to Europe? i dont think IOC (especially for the winter games where options for potential hosts arent so many ) gives so much imprtance in the continental rotation now than in the past. They just want a country that has the economic potential to held the games and strong public sport for the competition
  3. in Athens we have an aquatics center with 2 pools. One indoor (6.200 seats) where water polo and diving were held and one outdoor with 8.000 seats where swimming was held. So the biggest pool (for swimming events) wasnt temporay, it was just outdoor . Seats were there before the games and there were just some additional added for the games so as its capacity to be raised to 11.500 seats. The project was to be covered for the Olympics but IOC didnt demand it finally and it didnt happen Indoor pool https://www.wikiwand.com/el/Ολυμπιακό_Κέντρο_Υγρού_Στίβου_Αθηνών Outdoor pool ht
  4. an extensive upgrade of Gold Coast Aquatic Centre wouldnt be bad option however
  5. ok then but brisbane live was intended to be the basketball venue as i see from these links https://www.austadiums.com/news/921/brisbane-2032-olympic-games-venues-revealed https://www.austadiums.com/news/615/new-arenas-for-adelaide-and-brisbane-on-the-cards if this transformed to a temporary pool then another big arena is needed for basketball. Brisbane venue plan has many questions, it isnt actually completed
  6. so new Brisbane Indoor Sports Centre for Basketball it would be a different arena than Brisbane Live? ok then we have 1 stadium and 3 big arenas from which one will be converted to a swimming pool
  7. (Alternative venue: Gold Coast Aquatic Centre)
  8. sorry this "The venue has a fixed seating capacity of 1,500 - this was boosted for the Commonwealth Games with 2,500 temporary seats installed.)" goes to anna meares velodrome https://www.austadiums.com/stadiums/anna-meares-velodrome
  9. From austadiums.com page Nissan Arena (The venue has a fixed seating capacity of 1,500 - this was boosted for the Commonwealth Games with 2,500 temporary seats installed.) Coomera Indoor Sports Centre Gold Coast Sports and Leisure Centre
  10. My notes. So we have: 1 new stadium + 1 new aquatics center (even the proposed alternatives will need extensive upgrades which will be like contructing new facilities) 2 new big indoor arenas North Ipswich Reserve (if you mean this for Mod.Pentathlon) will need redevelopment + additional facilities nearby for the all the pentayhlon events (pool for examle) Rowing venue + canoe slalom venue Athletics, Ceremonies - Brisbane Olympic Stadium (new, 50,000 capacity). (Alternative venues: Metricon Stadium, Gabba) Swimming, Water Polo - Brisbane Arena (new, 15,000). (Alternative venu
  11. german people consider highly the cost aspect of the games ??
  12. is there any chance for Munich or Olso to try again?
  13. It seems German people dont want Olympics for economic.cost reasons. Thats why the reject Munich and Hamburg bids in referendums
  14. Suppose Brisbane becomes the host of 2032 Olympics. Which stadium will host Ceremonies/Athletics?? Lang Park is the biggest stadium and its capacity is 52.500 seats. Also i dont see any major arenas in Brisbane (over 10.000 seats) for sports like Gymnastics, Basketball and Volleyball that Olympics capacity requirements are too high. In commonwealth games these sports where conducted mainly in convention centres with much lower capacity
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