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  1. ** not indoors .... Nordic games had to be moved to OSTERSUND because of a lack of suitable snow in Stockholm And if you read the Olympic charter, no such massive 600km division is allowed in a bid. A Stockholm-Are bid will win if the only other bid is from Saudi Arabia. Surely you don't subscribe to this ridiculous nonsense Previous Nordic Winter Games had to be moved from Stockholm to Ostersund due to a lack of snow. Are spectators supposed to get up at 2am to catch the train to Ostersund to see the downhill? It would be the most anti-spectator games in Olympic history
  2. add the Nordic skiing, bobsleigh, ski jumping Numerous previous Nordic Winter Games had to be moved indoors because of a lack of suitable snow in Stockholm It is an utter nonsense They might as well hold the Winter Olympics indoor in Dubai ..........................
  3. I would actually have loved Sweden to host the Winter Olympics and then came along Pillan Because of her ridiculous attitude I personally hope Sweden NEVER hold a Winter Olympics The pathetic attempt to make comparisons between Summer and Winter Olympic games when the biding process and selection is clearly stated as different is beyond ridiculous .... it is stupid. Please Pillan, given an example of a previous WINTER OLYMPIC games when there has been such a massive ridiculous anti-spectator difference between the main venues?????????
  4. Which bit DO YOU NOT GET about these being SUMMER OLYMPICS ?????????????? !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It has been made absolutely clear about the IOC conditions for hosting the Winter Olympic games !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You CANNOT have 50% of the sports at a venue 600KM away !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You choose one or two sports out of a total of 40 odd events ..... Did they hold the blue ribband most important 100m event 2000kms from the main city?????? No - and the blue ribband event for the Winter Olympics is the Alpine Downhill !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. No German deserve the Olympics because 1) They are one of the most successful Winter Olympic Nations 2) They have not held since 1936 and less successful Olympic nations have held more frequently since 3) You can actually see the Mountains from Munich - it is called the Winter Olympics because skiing is one of the major sports. All you are doing is to ruin a thread about Munich. If you want to comment about Stockholm/Are do so on that article. I have been to both Sweden, Canada and the USA. I find it quite remarkable to hear about your infrastructure remarks concerning Stockholm v Toronto or Montreal as these comments are incorrect. My personal experience of the infrastructure in Stockholm compared to the Canadian cities was that each was as good as one another.
  6. Since when was 1956 a WINTER OLYMPIC GAMES? The IOC insist on the correct finances in place because previously games almost went bankrupt And back to Norway ---- Oslo is 130km from Norefjell > Stockholm is 600km from Are DO YOU UNDERSTAND THE DIFFERENCE?????????????????????????? "When Oslo as part of a potential Norwegian bid in 2018 (eventually they chose Tromso) suggested using some of the Lillehammer facilities IOC President Jacques Rogge later stated that with the distance of 240 kilometers (150 mi) between Oslo and the Alpine venues would make it impossible to be selected." 600km is over twice as far yet 240km was called too far by the IOC http://www.bygdeposten.no/krodsherad/article3361051.ece
  7. You have already been given the links where the IOC have said and rejected bids because of the distance between evidence. How many facts do you need????? More people, bigger companies, more spectators, less risk etc. that is why the bigger countries succeed Tell me, which Winter Olympics has had such a massive distance 400% greater than any previous bid? And the IOC charter says if they don't have the necessary financial support they will not accept the bid .... the Swedish government has already rejected government money
  8. and Germany with a population of 80million should hold it more often than Sweden with a population of 8 million Sweden doesn't fill the requirements because the mountain events and indoor events should be within 150km of each other. Not 600km apart FACT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. The high speed SJ train takes 4hrs 53mins but it would be prohibitively expensive to upgrade for such a narrow passenger route. Regular trains are in excess of 8hrs. As for Ostersund, Jamtland has a population of 125,000 people whilst Vasternorrland has a population of 250,000 people But as has been previously stated as a fact, the Swedish government will not underwrite the costs of the bid which is against the IOC charter which insists every bid must have such guarantees
  10. Oh, I actually thought the arena's own website would be the most accurate. Here they quote a capacity of 10,000 people as do several other sites http://www.max-aicher-arena.de/Inzell_Arena/Arena.html Inaccurate again ..... as usual Because Sweden CANNOT fulfil the requirements for hosting a WOG. Never in the history of the games has there been the bizarre idea to hold events 500km apart. Germany has not held the WOGs since 1936 despite being one of the stronger Winter Olympic nations and stronger than Sweden. Austria, USA, Japan, Canada and France have each held the WOGs since Germany last held The Stockholm/Are plan is RUBBISH compared to the Munich plan
  11. With the announcement that there is going to be a referendum on whether Munich should bid for the Winter Olympics 2022, will the immediately become favourites should that referendum outcome be yes? It has been stated that any bid would be based on the 2018 campaign but what I find interesting is the location of where the referendum is being held - Munich and Garmisch-Partkenkirchen plus Berchtesgaden where the Schonau au Kongisee bobsleigh track is located BUT also Traunstein. To get to the bobsleigh run you need to travel through Traunstein which might be why they are included but there are TWO world class venues located there which could be incorporated into any bid, which would not increase the overall size of the bid but may help overcome environmental objections raised previously. The Cheimgau arena in Ruhpolding has previously held the World Biathlon Championships and has numerous cross country runs. There is also a modern 128m ski jumping hill with a K point of 115m which can easily be extended by 6m to get to the regulation size. This would allow the Nordic Combine to be held here as well Just round the corner is the world class Inzell speed skating arena, (10,000 seats) now an indoor facility Converting the swimming pool in Munich to be a curling arena, using the Olympiahalle (15,500 seats), applying a coat of paint to the OlympiaEishalle (6252 seats) means all that is needed is a larger Ice Hockey arena which can be used by the Bayern Munich basketball team or the DEL team EHC Red Bull Munich. The Eishalle can then be demolished. Is there any other contender that can offer so much for such (comparatively) minimal investment?
  12. For the 2006 bid a temporary sliding solution was suggested for Sion. I can imagine that the French speaking part of Switzerland - the home of bobsleigh - would find usage with an artificial run (St Moritz is natural) ... and I'd imagine the French speaking part would also like a ski jump too
  13. There seems to still be a failure to acknowledge repeated comments made by various officials at the IOC about distance between venues. And lets not forget flying in winter brings a huge amount of environmental issues which technology could not overcome ... And whilst Stockholm has several arenas and stadia which might meet Olympic standards, I believe there would still need to be a speed skating arena, a new ski jumping facility unless the bid is going to be even bigger with the use of the resources at Farum, and a new bobsleigh run. Significant building work will be required yet the Swedish government have already said on record that they will not provide financial guarantees. The problem Sweden has is that their northern interior population is all congregated around Ostersund if not on the coast. But as a university town and with both Sochi and Pyeongchang using some temporary venues which will be moved after the games, if the Swedish government were prepared to provide the money, Ostersund could easily work: For example Speed Skating Arena (permanent) - the Nationellt Vintersportcentrum is based in Ostersund and could easily use a 'Richmond Oval' solution Curling Arena (permanent) - the local basketball team 'Jamtland Basket' could utilise this location 2nd Ice Hockey arena (permanent) - OIK could become the new tenant with an arena fit for the top division which would help any advance 1st Ice Hockey arena (temporary) Ice Skating arena (temporary) There is a world class biathlon arena, and where better to build a Swedish bobsleigh run, and new ski jumping facilities, even replacing those that were originally in the city - doubling as a site for the opening/closing ceremonies. The issue is that like Stockholm to build a number of these venues will require government financial backing and if they won't give it to develop an area like Ostersund, it is unlikely to be forthcoming for Stockholm And on side note, a number of Nordic Winter games had to be moved to Ostersund because of a lack of snow in Stockholm
  14. Yes because a crucial part of the Olympics is the spectators and the ridiculous cost of having to travel 600km between events. That is what is ridiculous. Why not just hold the skiing events in Germany then?
  15. Its not a formal bid and like with some previous bids from other countries, there is always the hope the IOC will overlook these questions. The point is, if there is a single bid which doesn't have these issues they are likely to go with that. When Sion, Switzerland 2006, they proposed using the bobsleigh run at St Moritz with competitors flying there. However because they realised this could raise a major objection, they also proposed a separate bob run just south of Sion. There is no way Stockholm can have a Plan B like this .... the SOC will likely indicate a possible interest to bid to the IOC who will turn round and say No. They don't want to discourage Sweden from maybe trying again with Ostersund though.
  16. Its basically a massive preference. For the 2010 WYOG Harbin was rejected on the point that the Yabuli alpine events were to be held over 150km from the main centre When Oslo as part of a potential Norwegian bid in 2018 (eventually they chose Tromso) suggested using some of the Lillehammer facilities IOC President Jacques Rogge later stated that with the distance of 240 kilometers (150 mi) between Oslo and the Alpine venues would make it impossible to be selected. and this was despite the planning of a high speed rail link ..... If 240km is too far, then 600km most definitely is
  17. Thus is not true. Most people here would love to see a Swedish bid But it can only happen if based in Ostersund. The idea of Stockholm is total madness. The IOC have said the events should not be more than ideally 150kms apart. Stockholm is over 600km from Are. The IOC will not change the rules simply because its nice for Sweden to host especially as the government have refused to financially support a bid.
  18. Because you can't compare the Summer games with the Winter games ... where geography can sometimes mean one event out of 28 is held outside of the areas ... compared to holding all the outdoor events (50%) hundreds of miles away. And 1956 was unique because of the laws of Australia at that time. The world has moved on. This has never happened before and where there are likely to be major cities including Barcelona, Oslo, Munich much closer to the mountains, why would the IOC make such a decision. Finland can never hold the event because they don't have a big enough mountain. The general response is too bad but that's tough. And Sweden could make a bid based on Ostersund/Are, but the Swedish government refuses to provide the financial guarantees the IOC want
  19. When Jaca bid in 2014, they tried to have Zaragoza in their proposal as the place to host the opening and closing ceremonies despite it being against the rules- hoping the IOC might change, and their bid was rejected I still think Ostersund could bid if the government provided financial help as some of the venues could be moved after the games
  20. as you appear to be desperate to ruin this article Quaker Pot calling the kettle black Unfortunately Pillan, the IOC are on record as stating the events need to be held within 150km of each other and has told other contenders their bids will be rejected if they decided to go beyond this.
  21. It was in response that someone took in the direction of Reno
  22. Fine ... I've reported you to the Moderators for deliberately ruining articles.
  23. Are you normally like this or have simply not taken your medication?
  24. The distance between the two is almost 400miles so the chance of a successful bid is around zero
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