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  1. That's incorrect. The rotation policy where they designated a World Cup to a specific continent (as they did for 2010 and 2014) was scrapped. But the policy remains that the confederation of the previous 2 hosts are ineligible to bid, as it was for 2018 and 2022. So Europe and Asia CANNOT bid for 2026 (that is, unless FIFA changes their policy, and this is FIFA after all. 2026 does not have to go to CONCACAF.. CAF and CONMEBOL and OFC are all eligible.

    Unfortunately it is you who is incorrect. The Rotation policy where if a confederation had previously held the cup, they couldn't hold it for two rotations is now also over.

    This was a policy of FIFA's Executive Committee. The decision is no longer that of the Executive Committee.

    Do you seriously think that the English Football Association would even comment about bidding for 2026 if the rules said they couldn't?

    The entire process has changed so whilst there is a school of thought that the games should be continued to rotated, this rule agreed previously by 24 members now has to be agreed to by 209 including probably 180 odd members who could never hope to hold the games themselves

  2. What makes you think you're the only one aware of it? Besides, Europe and Asia are out for 2026 anyway. And I don't see why they should change the continental rotation rules again, anyway. CONCACAF - 2026; South American for 2030 -- in commemoration of 100 years of the WC --

    1. continental rotation used to be an official rule. It is no longer an official rule. So IN FACT, any nation can bid for 2026. Continental rotation was the PREVIOUS POLICY - in fact only CONACAFs Jeffrey Webb is calling for it be retained. All the executive committee does is provide a short list and after the debacle of 2014, when there was a single choice, it is extremely unlikely this would continue if only one bid is put forward from the Americas

    2. if the WC is expanded to 36-40 teams then Argentina under enormous debt and Uruguay will struggle. FIFA do not want the stress of Brazil when the opening game stadium received its safety certificate only days before the tournament start

    Even with 2018 and 2022 there have been significant compromises on location, design, capacity of venues.

    Nothing like awarding a bid to a country where you can just sit back and relax where it would be the No1 event of the year

    Two votes still = 0. I know of the changes. What makes you think you're the only one aware of it? Besides, Europe and Asia are out for 2026 anyway. And I don't see why they should change the continental rotation rules again, anyway. CONCACAF - 2026; South American for 2030 -- in commemoration of 100 years of the WC -- so as has been proposed, Argentina and Uruguay.

    Oh under your voting criteria - USA 8 votes = 0

    And at least ENGLAND lost to a genuine football nation ... the USA could not even beat Qatar LOL

    Or are you saying that there was not a level playing field for the USA for 2022, but all was fair at the same meeting for the 2018 award?

    There is a term for this - hyprocrisy

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  3. Well, why did the UK have 0 votes at the 2010 awarding? THe main criticism was that there wasn't enough "party" or sponsor space around the stadia. If you don't believe, then go and cry to FIFA.


    1. Russia ... were overly generous with getting votes as Michael Garcia's report stated. You are so naïve as to think it had anything to do with party space ... you think FIFA care for the genuine fan?

    2. England actually received 2 votes - PLEASE GET YOUR INFORMATION CORRECT.... and if you weren't aware the new voting structure is not 24 people deciding but all 209 FIFA affiliated nations voting, making such 'generosity' impossible ... plus allowing the anti-USA block to have a stronger voice

  4. UK stadia are too tight. Not enough auxiliary room for tail-gate parties and sponsors' tents. That's why.

    Football fans don't do stupid things like have tail gate parties. That's why.

    And as the stadia are no tighter than Germany 2006, there is no reason why sponsor's events can't be held throughout the city, as real football fans would realise. That's why

  5. Dyke. *snickers*

    As popular as soccer/football is in England, they alone cannot host the event. They'll definitely be looking to stadiums in Scotland to host some of the games. But if FIFA doesn't bend the rules, then technically they wouldn't be able to qualify to host the games until 2030. Russia and England are considered part of Europe, and there is that rule that would also prevent a China bid for the WC from hosting until 2034.

    England cannot hold alone? What a load of total rubbish

    Here are the stadia that meet the criteria for the World Cup in England alone

    Wembley 90,000 seats

    Old Trafford 75,000 seats (possible expansion to 91,000 seats)

    Etihad Stadium 62,700 seats

    Emirates 60,432 seats

    new Spurs stadium 56,000 seats

    Olympic stadium 54,000 seats

    St James Park 52,500 seats

    Stadium of Light 49,000 seats

    Villa Park 42,785 seats

    Stamford Bridge 41,623 seats

    Goodison Park 40,569 seats

    11 stadium

    Existing stadium ALREADY planned to be expanded

    Elland Road 37,900 seats to 40,000 seats+

    Hillsborough 39,812 seats to 45,000 seats+

    St Marys' 32,689 seats to 50,000 seats

    Stadiums already built with easy temporary or permanent expansion beyond 40,000 seats

    King Power Stadium

    Pride Park

    Stadium MK

    That's 17 stadiums that would meet FIFA's requirements and be in place and in use before 2026 was even awarded in 2017

    Even if FIFA reintroduced the rule about only one city having more than one stadium, that is still 12 stadiums to host the games, all in excess of the minimum 40,000 seat requirement

    Oh, and because 2026 will be first games awarded under the NEW system, the previous policy of continental rotation is officially null and void

    True that if there is government funding from the whole UK, it will be hard to justify only having stadiums in England.

    But as FIFA considers the UK as four different nations, will they allow some stadiums in another country (Scotland and/or Wales)? This has never happened in a FIFA tournament, has it?

    But at the same time, the UK is a single country, and travelling from Glasgow to Manchester would be as easy as going from London to Manchester, they could accept it. But then, Scotland and Wales could claim the right to being treated like a host nation and qualify automatically...

    Stadiums in the UK are unlike in Europe, exclusively privately funded and are under total club ownership

    There might be some infrastructure investment which a UK government would say was needed anyway

  6. Firstly if stadia capacity was the main driver, Russia would never have beaten England, Qatar the USA. Most revenue in a World Cup is not driven by direct ticket sales. The reason organisations.such as the IOC, FIFA etc get upset is they do not want any other non-annual event raining on their parade. Remember what the USA was like in the last big anniversary 1976.

    With regard to Latin's comment re: the Olympic stadium is like in a number of European stadia with poor sightlines due to a running track, they dig down building a new tier at the lower level and thus improving the view or do what they did with the Juventus Stadium or Leipzig stadium, build a new stadium within an existing external structure. This offsets all issues around planning, accessibility and thisextra expense as it is already there. The stadium could then carry on as it is used today .... Grey Cup, CFL playoffs, big Impact games.

    Toronto would have no need a major stadium. The Bills are now owned by Terry Petulant who spent $1.4bn to keep them in Buffalo. The City of Toronto have said there will be no public money for a new NFL stadium, so why would they spend money on a WC final stadium?

  7. Huh? Why? The WC doesn't have to conclude on 7-04. It will probably go on until a week after. 2022 finals will happen on Qatar's national day. 1998 come and went around France's Bastille Day. Any 250th celebrations in 2026 will be that much sweeter if Team USA advances into at least the final 4. Otherwise, I see no conflicts with a WC concluding around 7/4/26.

    Except football in France is the No1 sport by far ... in the US, football is a minor sport so could easily be overwhelmed by such a major culture event. Bastille day anniversary would fall on '89, not such a momentous date as the 250th anniversary. As for Qatar, well they had no option considering the nonsense of them being a host

    Yes, the final would not be in Montreal. Gromit doesn't know what he's talking about.

    Except Denis Coderre, Mayor of Montreal is pushing for Montreal to be 'the capital' of such a bid, and there is an existing stadium which can be adapted. Talk of a NFL team being in Toronto based on the poor attendance of the Bills games came from people who don't know what they are talking about.

    I wouldn't like to see the World Cup in Canada immediately after Qatar. Another country with so little significance in the game won't be good for the brand. Maybe some day but not so soon. I'd prefer the tournament get back to its roots to (Western) Europe, preferably to England or Spain. Not only is Canada a backwater for this sport, it's also incredibly huge and difficult to get around, like Russia and Brazil.

    Didn't really have a negative effect when austerity driven London 2012 followed money bags Beijing 2008

  8. Another issue that will need to be considered if the USA bids/wins is

    4th July 2026 .... the 250th anniversary.

    Is the 5th sport in the USA not going to take a backseat to nationwide celebrations? the falls around the date of the Quarter Finals/Semi Finals of the last 3 World Cups so will be something that the USA will need to confront.

    Personally I think Canada has a decent shout

    1. Stadia in place either built or which will be built which have an anchor tenant in place (CFL or MLS team)

    2. The opportunity to build upon this by establishing a Canadian Soccer League

    3. The fact that Canada has successfully held a number of smaller FIFA international tournaments

    Games could be help at the BC Place (54k), BMO Field (40k), Commonwealth Stadium (60k), Investors Group Field (40k), Tim Horton's Field (40k), new Mosaic Field (40k), and TD Place Stadium (40K) all of which have sufficient capacity or are expandable for Grey Cups.

    This is before the Rogers Centre is considered - maybe for a semi final with a capacity of 48-50,000 seats

    All in a redevelopment or replacement for McMahon Stadium in Calgary, a potential Martimes CFL team and stadium and a redeveloped Olympic Stadium in Montreal (70k plus) and you've got the required 9/10 stadium

    Open in Edmonton, semi finals in Vancouver and Toronto, final in Montreal

    FIFA require 8-10 stadia of 40,000 seats plus with the opening game held in a stadia with 60,000 and a final in a stadium of 80,000 though these rules have proven to be fluid with Russia 2018 having at least one stadia of 35,000 seats only while the Maracana, had a capacity of 74,000 for the 2014 final

  9. Christchurch can host the Winter Olympics.

    Mt Hutt has a listed vertical of 683m for current skiing BUT looking at the trail maps and topography of the resort ... current trails do not go to the current peak and the ski runs could extend lower. Methven for example is at 319m. Nearby Mount Taylor has a huge prominence of over 1600m.

    Porter Heights is another resort where other alpine events as well as ski jumping and bobsleigh facilities

    Christchurch has a population of over 350,000 people, an international airport, a harbour for potential cruise ship accommodation, 3 teams that could use legacy indoor facilities (Tactix-Netball, Rams-Basketball, Red Devils - Ice Hockey) whilst the Crusaders might be able to use a Forsyth Barr type large indoor stadia.

    Finally due to Earthquake events, there is going to be further investment rebuilding the city so this development might have the option of being developed for Winter Olympic use and post games legacy.

    And the recovery from the Earthquakes would be great emotional tale with the hosting of the first southern hemisphere Winter Olympics the crowning moment which might influence the votes of IOC members.

  10. Perth probably can't even host the Commonwealth Games, let alone the Summer Olympics.

    What a load of drivel. Such a comment makes me wonder if you even know where Perth is?

    With the Subiaco Oval, Perth Arena, Western Australian Basketball Centre, NIB Stadium, Perth Speed Dome, WACA, and proposed new Perth stadium, this city could easily host the CWG for a 2nd time

  11. I think the old notions of rotation have gone out the window .... of Sapporo is the best bid, if Sapporo is the only bid, then we shall see Sapporo 2026. The Winter Olympic Games are simply not going to be postponed or stopped because the IOC don't want to be see to be holding 4 games in Asia in 5 Olympics.... it is what it is.

    Sapporo has most of the facilities from 1972 but has now also got the Sapporo Dome (40,000 seats+), the Hokkaido Prefectural Sports Center (8,000 seats) as well as vastly improved infrastructure with the New Chitose Airport.

    if they put together a decent bid, then they've got a decent shout

  12. Nevada has been making great come back with Brain Sandoval has Governor of Nevada the Reno bid will be an joint bid with California Gavin Newsom LT Governor of California supports the bid as well and Sacramento is likely to host the ICE hockey events and Snow events around Lake Tahoe, So two states will be in this bid. The Reno team been working for this bid for the past 5 years I could see Reno - Lake Tahoe hosting the next winter games in the USA. So the 2026 Winter Games bid race could be very likely USA vs Japan.

    I would not rule out Barcelona 2026

    It has the prospective venues in Barcelona, hills of suitable altitude in Alp2000 which have already gained FIS approval for alpine racing and a location in the Pyrenees which can have the Spanish providing the 'story' of the bid as a NEW location for Winter Sports

  13. Hmmmmm. Where do you think the Yakuza is headquartered?

    The Yakuza do not have a HQs as a single entity. They are transnational organisation of crime syndicates, 21 recognised by the Japanese police, of which only 5 are based in the Tokyo Metro area.

    Most members according to statistics actually come from the southern most of Japanese Islands, Kyushu.

    A bit like saying the Mafia are HQ'd in Sicily

  14. Is it time to bring this out again?

    Of their 4 big cities, Durban is RSA's playground.

    #1 - It has the most diverse population of RSA's big 4.

    #2 - 2nd largest economy after the Johannesburg area

    #3 - It has the most appropriate climate,

    #4 - has an OLYMPIC-ready stadium already ,

    #5 - a lot of open land nearby for additional venues;

    #6 - is poised for big growth;

    #7 - the IOC knows it first-hand;

    #8 - has TWO revolving restaurants; and

    #9 - is RSA's biggest port -- thus providing for good berths for the many cruise ships that will be required to provide additional rooms.

    Last time I saw images of the Moses Mabhida Stadium, I must have missed the athletics track

  15. So what? Durban has the more appropriate July-August weather; the IOC is already familiar with it. So how is the country saving money by bypassing a ready-made Olympic-ready stadium...just to build ANOTHER one? :blink: Durban and the SAOC won't give up without a fight.

    Since when has the IOC ever chosen the 3rd city in a country over the 1st sized?

    So it is all about the main stadium then? What about all of the other supporting facilities? The Moses Mahbida is not ready made ... it has the ability to host athletics ... but never has.

    The Johannesburg stadium has.


    and what about all the other infrastructure required? The cost of expanding a stadium compared to building a huge number of extra hotels, dramatically expanding an airport, built more indoor arenas than other locations etc.

    And has the SAOC even decided on their contender yet??

  16. I think for any US city to host the games especially as they have grown and with a lack of government funding. Even LA with a redevelopment of the Coliseum will find it not to be a cheap exercise.

    As for San Francisco, although there are some iconic images of the city, suggestions I have seen include incorporating facilities in San Jose and Oakland which would make it one of the widest spread games ever and considering some of the international cities San Francisco might be competing against this might be the greatest achillies heel

  17. It still is. This guy is just blowing smoke up his a__.

    No it isn't

    Johannesburg is a significantly larger city than Durban and its infrastructure is more advanced. Whilst Durban has the Moses Mabhida Stadium and the Kings Park Sports complex, Johannesburg has an equally rich sporting infrastructure.

    Johannesburg has multiple sports stadium, including an Athletics stadium which can be updated and expanded to be the main stadium and was used previously for two major athletics events, as well as the two largest arenas in South Africa

    It is the major economic centre for South Africa, has the country's No1 airport and significantly greater accommodation already than Durban.

    Principle negatives include its altitude of 1753 metres and the fact it is not near and open body of water

  18. this is where bringing in another city might actually work - if the rest of the ice venues were in Chch --- put the second ice hockey arena at Forsyth Barr in Dunedin. A slight concession - but it happens in the SOG with Football.

    It might be that Forsyth Barr will require such an expensive retro fit to hold ice events, that it would be cheaper just to build a smaller purpose built venue and move afterwards

  19. The Winter Games will be a much greater issue for future hosts

    Arguably a post games legacy is more difficult for a bid because you have the ski jumping hills and bobsleigh run which either require post games use or to be dismantled.

    You then have the physical geographical environment necessitated by the alpine events.

    Take 2022 .... we see 6 contenders whittled down to 2, losing the favourites of St Moritz, Munich and Oslo along the way and end up with two unappealing options - Almaty and Beijing.

    Like with the 2022 World Cup, I can easily see sporting seasons requiring to be compromised so that the Winter Games can be held in places like Santiago, Bariloche, Christchurch/Queenstown etc

  20. Having lived in a year in Queenstown working for NZSki, I would say that Queenstown nor Wanaka can not really play a part in the Olympics

    The ski resorts aren't suitable for Olympic level events, whilst neither the Remarkables nor Treble Cone are easily accessible and to make them so for an Olympic sized event would cause shocking environmental damage

    CHRISTCHURCH would however be a suitable location with a great narrative.

    Christchurch is suitably sized to allow for 4 facilities to be reused ... the speed skating rink could be used as either a) an exhibition centre like the Oval Lingotto, or B) a multi sport community centre like the Richmond Olympic Oval. The 1st Ice Hockey arena (10,000 seats)could be used by the Tactix Netball team whilst the Curling Arena (3,000 seats) could be used by the Red Devils. As there are proposed plans for a new Crusaders stadium, if something like the Forsyth Barr stadium, then this could be used for the Opening Ceremonies, then reconfigured into a 15,000 seat Figure Skating site with a curtain system like Copenhagen's Parken Stadium

    Leaving the 2nd Ice Hockey Arena of 6,000 seats which can be relocated after the games

    As for Alpine Events, Mt Hutt's vertical of 693m CAN be extended to 800m ... whilst Porter Heights has a vertical of 600m

    And being a coastal city, extra accommodation can be 'parked' in the bay

  21. I think Italy will get a games in the not too distant future, but more likely a Winter Games around Trento and Bolzano, taking advantage of existing facilities such as the bobsleigh run at Cortina (bob, luge), the hills in Predazzo (ski jumping, Nordic), the slopes of Val Gardena and the fact that as this is the strongest area of Italy for Ice Hockey - there a 5 individual Ice Hockey teams within 20miles of Bolzano all with their own arenas so teams that could take over any facilities built ....

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