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  1. Why the upset? It was a quick article that some people may have looked at for about 10 seconds. The public will hardly have noticed it, let alone taken it seriously.
  2. What happens to all the other sports who will have their seasons ruined by all of this?
  3. It might also create a slight clash with most domestic seasons across the northern hemisphere...
  4. Where is the evidence that South Africa is physically ready to host? What level of infrastructure is minimum for them to be able to host? What is the gap they need to bridge before being crowned as hosts?
  5. I would put it more that there needs to be a certain level of economic, political and social stability (over a period of decades) to be able to pull off a successful games. The workforce needs to be educated to a certain level, you have to be certain that the power / other infrastructure will be able to cope under the increased stress and world attention. The hospitality for the athletes / officials / media / foreign tourists needs to be upto standard (not necessarily 5* for everyone but of a certain quality that not everywhere has yet). This doesn't mean that you have to be a G8 capital, but I think the fact that Tokyo nearly won in round 1 would suggest that this is more important than perhaps we realised before.
  6. Budget is sensible? That is probably the key question.
  7. Does anyone have a quick recap of the Istanbul presentation?
  8. Surely it does when an IOC member thinks about "who do I trust most?".
  9. I've only just seen the Japanese one, they are doing well to my mind
  10. Maybe big screens could be put up in there to watch the action in the various sports in the days in between the ceremonies.
  11. The Pandemonium was about the Industrial Revolution. The real Industrial Revolution was chaotic and wonderful, I bet scary for some to live for but opportunities for others, and great things were made. I think that the section really captured this well.
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