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  1. If the Twin Cities get an MLS expansion team, MSP will join Philadelphia, New York, Boston, Wasington, and Chicago with a team in all 5 major professorial sports leagues. Miami briefly had all 5 but the MLS team was contracted.
  2. This thread is a little dated, but here is some hotel data for major cities: http://www.skyscrapercity.com/showthread.php?t=672284 This doesn't bode well for Philadelphia. Louisville-Jefferson County, Kentucky actually has more hotel rooms per capita. Orlando has 8 million fewer people than NYC, but has 22,000 more hotel rooms.
  3. I'd think the current setup works the best-just mandate a certain amount of coverage for those networks carrying the Olympics. Lengthening the Olympics just invites the possibility of more preliminaries in sports like basketball, boxing, soccer, etc.-those will always overshadow the Paralympic events in the eyes of TV executives, and just add to the logistical crunch and post-Games burden caused by having to house all the extra athletes.
  4. One possible solution for Philadelphia is to have Villanova take over a downsized stadium post-Games. The Big East wants Villanova to move to FBS (formerly I-A). Temple could work as well, especially since the NFL's Eagles would like to keep their grass field all to themselves and not have the wear and tear of 6 to 7 college football games. The University of Pennsylvania could be an option as well.
  5. The NBA's Golden State Warriors are moving to a new arena in SF in 2017. They started in SF but have also played in Oakland and San Jose since moving to California from Philadelphia. I'm sure University of San Francisco (NCAA Division I) and San Francisco State University (NCAA Division II) facilities would have come into play, and some events would be held at Stanford (Palo Alto, between San Francisco and San Jose) and at California-Berkley (closer to Oakland). Losing the 49ers, though, renders it all moot.
  6. The only pronlem with San Francisco is where the Olympic Stadium would be - with the 49ers moving to Santa Clara, how long Candlestick Park is scheduled to be demolished, and this caused te city to withdraw its bid for the 2016 Games. Had SF been able to build a new stadium for the Olympics and convert it into a new home for the 49ers, they would be a string candidate.
  7. Changing an arena into a church/temple/mosque/synagogue would not be completely without precedent (Lakewood Church in Houston uses the former home of the NBA's Houston Rockets), although in the context of the Olympics, it would likely be a novel approach to finding a post-Games use for a venue. In the case of Louisville, perhaps if Southeast Christian Church moves from its main campus, that would free up the 9,000 seat sanctuary to be converted into a 6,000 seat arena (possibly more if the video screen behind the platform is removed). I doubt though Southeast would move in the next 12 years
  8. Actually, the Kentucky Horse Park, which hosted the 2010 FEI World Equestrian Games, is in Lexington, about 70 miles east of downtown Louisville - although there's no doubt Churchill Downs and/or Freedom Hall (which has designed to host the Kentucky State Fair World Championship Horse Show) could host it. The only downside is that if the Olympics winds up on the East Coast, Equestrian would just as likely be at Preakness in Baltimore, Maryland or Belmont in Elmont, New York. Chicago might be the best bet for Louisville or Lexington should Equestrian be outsourced. I'm not sure what Cincinna
  9. I'll give you that we're not on the same plane as New York, London, Beijing, etc. - I don't have exact statistics readily available, but I know the Kentucky Derby draws a fair number of international visitors. Louisville will also host the 2013 UCI Cyclocross Elite World Championships. UPS and General Electric, both existing IOC sponsors, have rather large installations in Louisville (interesting trivia: Louisville moved to the Eastern Time Zone to land GE). Humana (Fortune 100), Kindred Healthcare (Fortune 500), Yum! Brands (Fortune 500), PharMerica (Fortune 1000), and Brown-Forman (Fortu
  10. I actually would appreciate any constructive feedback, as it could be used to help Louisville go after an event such as the Pan Am Games even if the Olympics prove not to be viable.
  11. I'm actually toying with the idea of having my hometown of Louisville bid: http://www.louisville2024.com/
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