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  1. It's funny but I prefer last time's videos. I loved Tokyo 2016 bid video, I sometimes watch it on youtube. And Rio's presentation clips also seemed nicer
  2. I lost connection when I was enjoying the long-awaited video. It looks good. But is Madrid really that green? Last time I was there in the summer it had a much more brown/drier look.
  3. If I may add my votes: Win Madrid – 21 Tokyo -18 Istanbul – 11+1 Out First: Madrid – 11 Tokyo – 11+1 Istanbul – 31
  4. There are excellent comments made above. I'm going with Istambul.
  5. Just a quick note from someone who doesn't post here: I'm Brazilian and I have absolutely no problem with any of our neighbours. In fact, I think Argentina and Portugal are great countries (just to name a few of which some people claim to be hated by Brazilians). I live too far from Rio so probably won't be at any of the ceremonies but I'd be very more than happy to cheer for any athlete, from any country, from any continent, of any religion, of any sexual orientation and so on. Unfortunately, I can't guarantee others will behave in a mature way. I find it appalling, ridiculous and very child
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