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  1. I can't tear myself away from the whiff of scandal, but why did they wait 40 years before coming forward?
  2. Those renders look like the most generic representation of an athletic venue I can imagine. Those facilities could be anywhere. There's nothing to make them unique or interesting. Boring and utilitarian.
  3. Do planes get credit for joining the mile-high club? Who will christen the 787s with their high-altitude hijnks?
  4. OOOOH!! That sounds fun! I'd just be worried that it might be a little to "family friendly" if you know what I mean.....
  5. Hey everybody. Long time first time. Thought "What the hell! Time to make my debut!!"

  6. The chances of the Chinese stepping up track and field are about as high as the chances of me taking up power lifting. Dahling, I DON'T lift.
  7. Hiya. Long time first time. I LOVED the Vegas stunt! That was the most fun we've had in this whole 2020 race. Rogue bids?!! Bring 'em on!! Spice things up!! These Olympic bids can get way too serious.
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