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  1. How about Argentina Hosting it in 2026, why Not? They have been a Football mecca and have great team Loyal support and I'm sure would do a great job hosting the WC. Thought's anyone?
  2. Personally, I'd like to see an 'Eastern' Nation Finally Host a WC or any major event for that matter. If Germany, and other nations of the 'West' can host a couple World Cups in their Respected Countries andf histories than why should Russia, Greece, or Serbia not be able to? I mean so long as they have the facilities and infrastructure to do it, than so be it. Time will only tell how Brasil will do with Hosting the Mens FIFA 2014 World Cup. If I'm not mistaken, In 2022, Isn't the Cup going to some Arab Nation with a very Hot climate? I'd be just as worried about going to either Brasil or an Arab Nation where the weather and Heat can exceed over 100 than I would be going to Russia, to be quite honest with you. 2022 should go to either Australia, Holland, Italy, Greece or CANADA,. Italy and while they have Hosted it once or twice before, still has a beautiful Country and a tourist Hot spot for sure. The Womans 2019 FIFA World Cup should go to Japan (Great Candidate given their Love for their National Team) or some South American Nation since No, zilch Nations in South America have hosted a Womans World Cup as of yet.
  3. I see Nothing, I mean Zilch wrong with Russia Hosting any event they want to and if they have the facilities to Host such an event, than they should. People need to get over the Cold War, this whole 'War on Russia' mentality is not only outdated, but rather it's also discriminatory.
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