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  1. Do members have the options of deleting their accounts? I did not see any warning if this was not possible when I joined which surely is not correct nor fair
  2. With UK games in 2002 and 2014, I can't see a 2022/2026 UK bid as it is too soon and there are more Commonwealth countries able to host the games including the first ever African games. I think the next two bids for 2022 and 2026 will come from Africa, Canada (or North America i.e. the Caribbean) or Singapore before going back to the UK or Australasia in 2030
  3. What code share? - Northwest Airlines were a pioneer on the Great Circle route via Anchorage to Japan and established a hub at Haneba, later Narita and flew this from 1946 until 2010. As Wings and later Skyteam does not have a Japanese member there were only Northwest aircraft flying on their routes. 'Fifth freedom rights' does not mean codeshare. It means an overseas airline has the traffic rights to collect new passengers from a second country and transport them to a third. For example, Northwest could fly to Japan, pick up Japanese passengers in Tokyo and then take those extra passengers to South Korea, China, Okinawa etc. And their two major US connecting cities for about 50years were Minneapolis and Detroit.
  4. 1994 Canada 1998 Malaysia 2002 England 2006 Australia 2010 India 2014 Scotland 2018 Australia Personally I think it will be a showdown between Africa and Canada with a strong Canadian bid a slight favourite. It will be interesting to see if Halifax or maybe even Calgary use it as an opportunity to develop a new stadium. Potentially Regina also fall into this mix.
  5. *won't mind being blocked (damn predictive text)
  6. Now. Northwest flew out of Minneapolis to Tokyo where they have fifth freedom rights allowing flights from Tokyo to the rest of East Asia for 50years odd. As for Frankfurt and the comparison, Frankfurt has no real sporting culture - it has a football team that is usually fighting relegation, a DEL team which went bust and an average basketball team. One of the 12 US cities that has representation in the Big4 sports is a good start. But you comment about the Fortune500 companies says it all about the expert posters on this site. A number of them make a big deal about low important local economics is to supporting a privately funded bid. The moment you provide evidence of this it all of a sudden becomes unimportant. Well you might being blocked then. I would recommend you block me back so you won't need to give audience to my insignificant thoughts either.
  7. Yes. If everyone I've blocked so far can block me, then we won't have to read each other opinions and feel the need to comment on them. And if those people I have blocked can avoid commenting on any new thread I create in future, because it won't be of any interest to them and they will only want to offer a negative opinion, then it will be much appreciated and everyone will be happy. So that's yourself, Quaker2001, Athensfan, FYI and Potatochips.
  8. I've not blocked Baron. I have blocked anyone who have suggested that I am this Blacksheep or Kernowboy. Clearly they have no interest in healthy debate and discussion and seek to make things personal. Whilst I might occasionally respond to a deliberate inaccuracy, have no intention of discussing anything with them on a regular basis. I have already been called an idiot, told I have dementia, and described as an as*hole .. comments made by others who suggest they prefer to make things nasty than keep things enjoyable. What I find ironic is that by posting my opinions and challenging the opinions of others I have merited this sort of antagonism. If people want to behave like that, then I will discuss different opinions with others and those who are blocked will remain so.
  9. I think there are about a dozen cities in the USA, with the potential ability to host the games. As forum members we cannot guess what motivates the IOC decision making process. As new delegates join that forum, they might be attracted to and inclined to vote for different things. The USOC tried with the big banner cities like Chicago and NY and for whatever reason it didn't work. A option to present a candidate that offers something new and off the wall might entice some whether it be history like Boston or Philly, a different culture like MSP or Miami or the Texans, an environmental games like Seattle? If a local backer like Paul Allen in Seattle is prepared to pay up the bidding costs ($30m+) and if the USOC are prepared to help to get the bid as technically competent as possible, then why not let them go for it, especially if the bigger bidders offer something less novel, inspiring, technically competent etc and simply rely on their name. Even if the bid loses to the likes of Paris or South Africa, the USA have not lost as the USOC have got more experience of playing the IOC game again. You've got to be in it to win it. But if the new IOC is about legacy, redevelopment of run down areas, infrastructure improvements then any bidder from the USA needs to show that IMO. Most IOC members will have visited Chicago, NY, LA as representatives of their sport, profession etc. Why not consider showing them a part of the USA they might not have seen? No harm, no foul.
  10. Actually that is wrong. It was said Minneapolis is not well known. I pointed out that they've had regular flights to both Europe AND Asia for decades and airlines don't waste money like that unless people want to make those journeys (incidentally neither Boston or Philadelphia have Asian flights). And the result? My response was ignored. I was then told Minneapolis didn't have enough big companies. According to Forbes it has the 5th highest concentration of Fortune500 companies in the US ahead of Chicago, LA, Philadephia, SF and Boston. And the result? My response was ignored. You claim my sole response is 'How can you be so dismissive ...?" ... that is simply not true. Yet people continue to support SF because it looks nice.
  11. Why bother? I'm simply be called someone else who is no longer posting. You are achieving that yourself without any help from me
  12. You see here it is. Those people interested in offering a different opinion are accused of having been other people under different names etc. It would appear you make a habit of making these accusations in an attempt to silence people. I looked up the names of these posters you keep mention. It appears one just walked away, whilst the other got so frustrated they they got banned. Clearly everyone is equally allowing to offer their opinions.
  13. for the love of god ... MSP was NOT MY NOTION. Another poster provided a link to an article about MSP on facebook - I looked at it and stumbled across another page where they'd mapped out a location plus a site where a pdf was published by their state govt website. Its called googling. Yet no-one wants to discuss the actual merits and personally attack those that do. Some discussion board. And why was that poster Sir Rols bringing it up again if it has already been discussed to death?
  14. Don't worry, you're blocked too
  15. Making an abusive comment highlighting a condition which can strike down anyone, and which sadly a number of posters will probably know/know of friends or family who have suffered from this condition, tells everybody on this forum exactly the type of person you are.
  16. I see Quaker2001 is still talking to himself. I can imagine he'd tried to start an argument in an empty room. For the record I didn't bother to read what you wrote, and simply noticed that you included a comment of mine at the top of your response - what you wrote was irrelevant to me as I now you've crossed the line whatever you say is pointless. It probably was a rejigging of recent comments you've made.
  17. Would the RedSox being prepared to accept and tolerate the hand wringing associated with leaving their spiritual home?
  18. Just so you don't continue to waste your time, I have blocked you through all possible avenues Again what is it with people who are blocked wasting their time bothing to reply to comments are made. Your comments are not welcome, not of interest and even read. If you have this amount of time to waste more fool you.
  19. If you look at what the Qatari's are doing with the World Cup, they are deliberately building stadiums with removable second tiers. Indeed the 86,000 seat Lusoil Stadium is due to have a capacity of 20,000 post 2022. Whilst the inclusion of a running track creates challenges, in these days of modern architecture it might not be insurmountable. Reading up, there appears to have been development plans around the Inner Belt area which have come to nothing so the land would appear to be a mixture of wasteland and industrial parks which might provide a suitable area. Especially as there are a number of rail lines in very close proximity. All major cities have central land availability questions - if you rule out a potential bidder because of this you might as well rule out 90% of them.
  20. I don't know why Boston haven't bid before. I do recall a fan page suggesting a stadium out on an old abandoned funfair along North Shore Road but for me that is too far from downtown. I wonder if the area just north of where Monsignor O'Brien Highway becomes McGrath Highway has enough space to squeeze in a stadium between it and the railway tracks. There also are several industrial sites which potentially have the size for an Olympic village. It is a stones throw away from the river estuary into the sea. Of course there are numerous other arenas in the university intensive Boston. As for post games, The New England Revolution are one of the few remaining MLS teams to play in an NFL stadium alongside Seattle. The Gillette is a 68,000 seater yet in their entire history the Revolution have only averaged 15,596 per season. Building an 80,000 seater downtown and then scaling it back would give the Revolution its own sense of identity rather than being a mere size show to the Patriots. Of course both are owned by Robert Kraft so he would need to see the advantage of doing so, but there has been some vague talk about the Revolution wanting their own MLS sized home.
  21. Baron, I have only fighting tooth and nail as you put it, because I don't think that it should be rejected in the wisdom of gamesbidders because of some perception members have as to how the IOC might vote ..... and if the discussion was about Seattle or Boston or Detroit etc I would enjoy looking up about one of your cities which I am unfamiliar with and seeing whether they can or how easily host the Olympics - not whether they should or will ..... for me, third tier cities are ones which might be considered 'Gamma' cities. MSP like the other betas are 2nd tier cities ... Houston and Seattle are not 3rd tier cities either. The thing with the USA is because of the history of legal immigration, there are pockets of culture wholly different from elsewhere in the USA like Irish Boston, Cuban Miami, Texan Dallas, Mo-town Detroit, Scandinavian Minnesota etc and in my mind a bid focusing on one of this elements could be as equally enticing as considering a city simply based on its size. The larger the city the greater its character has been diluted. Have you always been an idiot or has it take years of practise? It would be you who are behaving like the baby. Rather than discuss the technical merits of a city who could potentially host, you like the others (Quaker2001, Sir Rols, Athensfan) seem the sort who want to turn it into a personal attack when challenged with an opposing view. I have no interest in conversing with this type of poster on any site, because they have nothing to offer that would increase my interest in the discussion.
  22. No I'd not seen that - it can only be on personal interpretation. It would appear that I am blocking those posters that have this ranking system - Quaker2001, Athensfan, FYI, Sir Rols etc - so they can no doubt argue that amongst themselves while others, if they wish to rank cities use the only recognisable scale. I shall simply be amused in the knowledge that they waste their time replying to comments I make which I can't read
  23. I never said I held them in high regards ... what is it with people on this site to talk total nonsense. Someone said MSP was a 'C' ranked city. Not only does that ranking not exist but I simply provided the list
  24. I used the official GaWC cities - the Global and World Cities Research Network - who built on the original work of Saskia Sassen who pioneered the term 'Global City' and which looks at the combined criteria of economics, political, culture and infrastructure. The latest 2010 lists the USA cities as follows New York A++ (only London also has this) Chicago A+ Washington A San Francisco A Los Angeles A Atlanta A- Boston A- Dallas A- Miami A- Philadelphia A- Houston B+ Minneapolis B Seattle B all others are B- or lower .... Rio de Janeiro is a B-, Doha a Gamma city etc
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