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  1. Might it be possible for the following to happen: 12 members of the forum select one of Soarings' ideas and create a short bid proposal - I was thinking the 8 top cities added to Boston, Minneapolis, Seattle, and Houston, and to do a little research covering such areas as: Current venues and possible future venues - pro or college supports Infrastructure in the area including any problems and how they might be addressed The local economy and potential ways to fund any games Political/public opinion i.e. any previous expressions of support or suggestions of bidding. The X Factor - what positive attributes could the bid city offer especially as the IOC regard it as a faux pas to criticise other contenders Any takers for Chicago NY LA San Francisco/Bay Area Philadelphia Washington/Baltimore Dallas Miami Boston Seattle Houston Minneapolis ??
  2. and I do think Seattle should be higher up especially as they are in discussion about a future bid albeit with the idea of using Vancouver. After all, they have two major sports complex within 6miles of each other - Husky Stadium and UW facilities, the CenturyLink/Safeco Field area soon to be joined by a NBA/NHL arena. Whilst Husky Stadium has lost its track, the rake of the stands has not changed so a deck arrangement could be used and there is plenty of space to add temporary seating to raise the capacity to the minimum requirement. There are warm up areas a stones throw from the stadium as well as several indoor facilities which could create a 'village' effect. There's an international airport, a climate better suited to summer olympic sports, and a global recognition brought about by a number of entertainment programmes including Frazier, The Twilight films, and Grey's Anatomy plus the music scene which has worldwide recognition. Whilst other cities also have a number of exisiting facilities and venues, they do appear to be very spread out.
  3. I think there needs to be a stronger definition of what is meant by capable. 1) What will they have as the main stadium? 2) What will they do with it afterwards? 3) If they try to go for a compact bid, who will pay for potentially all the new venues? 4) If they use existing facilities like SF how can they convince the IOC that a massively spread out bid will be acceptable? 5) What differences will occur between now and 2017 which are known that could impact on a city's attractiveness i.e. Seattle are building a new NHL/NBA arena? 6) Does the presence of the two big American sports making any difference as Baseball is not an Olympic sport and some NFL stadiums lack the field size to fit a FIFA football pitch?
  4. but aren't I supposed to be someone else? Surely I must have used this term before? You don't call yourself Gods .... just act like them Again when people comment about me I respond back .... however I have zero interest in discussing any comments I make in relation to the content of the thread.
  5. Surely I must have used this before during my schizophrenic moments? I am sure you can fabricate some so-called evidence if you cannot be bothered to try to look it up.
  6. The stages of an American bid are ... 1. Big razzamataz bid proclaiming best option 2. Crushing defeat 3. Toys thrown out of pram in fit of pique
  7. The fact that the Kenyan PM has officially said that the government officially plans the country to bid warrants more discussion than one syllable responses http://ca.reuters.com/article/sportsNews/idCABRE8771AH20120808
  8. Do members have the options of deleting their accounts? I did not see any warning if this was not possible when I joined which surely is not correct nor fair
  9. Almost as silly as abusiving someone by suggesting that they were formally banned members. There are more than 7 posters on this forum
  10. Actually I am asking you not to bother to reply my apparently worthless and inconsquential comments. The communications blockade only applies to the following - Athenfan, Quaker2001, PotatoChips, FYI, SirRols, Runningrings and you You've made it clear that everyone has a low opinion of those two, hence your attempt to paint others as them. I am quite happy to converse and discuss with all other members except those blocked who I have listed.
  11. All where you have implied I am someone else who has been banned clearly trying to associate my comments with that/those individuals. I have no interested in PMing anyone I have blocked. I simply request you block me back.
  12. The issue is that in 10years time this could be significantly different - there have been potential oil deposits discovered both in the Turkana region and also offshore and both the West and the Chinese are involved in several exploratory drilling sites.
  13. They can choose and waste their time writing a detailed rebuttal. In every case, I will remind them that they are blocked and suggest they don't waste their time, as I will not read a simple word they write. It was you and some of your colleagues who decided to decend into personal attacks. This is the outcome. It is much easy for you to block me so you don't need to read the "inconsequential opinions" of an "ars*hole" who is an "idiot with dementia" and who apparently has "schizophrenic" tendancies (direct quotes of those blocked except the last which is paraphrased) This goes for any threads I create .. your opinions are not welcome
  14. Both have similar population sizes of currently around 45million. South Africa is a much richer country in terms of GDP with an economy 8 times larger but potentially with far greater social problems as an ongoing legacy of apartheid and social inequality. Kenya has a great Olympic sporting legacy particularly in middle distance running. Any Kenya bid would centre around the capital Nairobi and their 'Vision 2030' policy would make a 2028 games a crowning achievement that the country had achieved its economic goals. By 2017, Kenya Airlines will be one of the few airlines to fly to all six continents from the proposed host city. South African Airlines also fly to all six continents but maybe not from their proposed host. In terms of sports, South Africa hold the lead having organised the Rugby World Cup, the Football World Cup and the Cricket World Cup. Both countries have however held the multi-sport All Africa Games, a regional Olympic event in Nairobi in 1987 and Johannesburg in 1999. Is it possible with the emphasis being all focused on South Africa being the first African hosts, that an intelligent and technically excellent bid from Kenya could slip under the radar and surprise everyone as London surprised Paris in 2012? Or would two serious African contenders simply split the African vote so that both missed out? For me, Mandela would no longer be that figurehead that galvanises both the country and the world, whilst a Kenyan bid could be led by one of their outstanding athletes in much the same way as Lord Coe did.
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