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  1. Trump's endorsement may very well be the kiss of death for the Los Angeles bid. Surely, the IOC doesn't want to have its brand tarnished by any kind of association with The Donald...
  2. I can totally see the 2030 Asian Games within India's capacity, especially if Modi gets re-elected to a second term as Prime Minister. But the proof is in the pudding, and only if India satisfactorily deals with the big corruption/mismanagement elephant in the room will it be deemed a much more suitable and serious contender for the Summer Olympics. New Delhi remains India's best bet, so any improvements have to be happen in the country's capital - notably on infrastructure, crime (esp against women) and environmental issues.
  3. Completely ignorant here, but couldn't Vancouver host the Commonwealth Games as well?
  4. I will never forget the extinguishing of the flame at Sydney 2000 - especially when the military aircraft "took" the flame with it. Just wow!
  5. It seems that there has been a nuanced shift in terms of remembrance by the IOC. A couple of days ago, I read an article in the Jerusalem Post in which this issue was discussed - basically, Bach seems to have gotten the fact that the IOC cannot just pretend that Munich never happened. Hence, the space of remembrance created in the Olympic Village (which was praised by the widows of the Munich 11, Ankie Spitzer being among them) and maybe this "Saudades" segment. However, the latter may just be a continuation of the section of the "Abide by Me" remembrance section which was musically accompanie
  6. Thanks for sharing your impressions of Rio 2016 (and everything that led up to it) with us - I'm glad you got to enjoy this unique event up-close and am sure that I speak for many when I say that I wish you and your family very well!!
  7. Yeah, that does suck ever so slightly...
  8. The CAS just confirmed that the Russian delegation will NOT go to the Rio Paralympics: http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/disability-sport/37165427 Looks like good old Tom's spiel about "individual athlete rights" has just been rejected by the highest arbitrary body in sport. So much for Dr Bach's mastery of sports law, then...
  9. Well, Phelps and Bolt were not necessarily the two I was thinking of here - but the most prominent icons, and I do know that German commentators have been expressing doubts about the anti-doping regimen in Jamaica: every single time a Jamaican athlete wins, the journos on the public broadcast channel feel that it's necessary to say "Well, that was rather impressive, but - and I have to mention this and don't intend to spoil the mood here - it is important to bear in mind that Jamaica has been criticized by the WADA for its lax verification of blood and urine samples", only to proceed to pay a
  10. In principle, I agree with you and you're absolutely right about the presumption of innocence. That said, recent scandals (what not with blood doping/EPO/Fuentes), trends in medicine (gene manipulation to eliminate certain enzymes or expand oxygen supply), frequent revelations of prior heroes being felled by drugs tests many years later and the general corrupt demeanour of the IOC (the Russian doping scandal being the latest instance) and the IFs (IAAF, FIFA only being the most blatant examples of networks of corruption), have contributed to the mood in Germany (as well as the Netherlands) hav
  11. Talking of gymnastics - did I miss something or has Romania suddenly vanished off the map for that sport? They used to dominate women's gymnastics for such a long time! Positive surprises: The United Kingdom scoring second. Bit of a satisfying feeling to have two democracies leading the medals table for once - though I'm sure China will pump as much money as possible to retake #2 spot during Tokyo 2020 - especially bearing the historic rivalry with Japan in mind. New Zealand did very well for a country its size and population! Fiji's gold medal was a highlight. Yes, Denmark did really wel
  12. Totally agree with you on the audience behaviour and the IOC's descent into ever steeper depths of corruption and tone-deafness. Ditto for Germany and a good candidate for 2024 (give me LA or Paris any day - Budapest won't happen and, due to lack of economic stability, neither will Rome). Also agree with you on the asterisk that has to be placed next to athlete performances these days, especially when they involve WRs. Tokyo should be an awesome Olympic Games, precisely organized, with a rich culture (and great food!) on offer and, so it appears, Japan will be a credible contender for the
  13. Not yet, but as the head of the IAAF, I sincerely doubt that Bach will be able to exclude him forever...El Moutawakel is not gonna be the IOC President. She's Moroccan, Muslim and a woman, three strikes against her in an old boys club still dominated by elderly and middle-aged white males from First World nations. and of a primarily Christian denomination. It's unfair, but the IOC hasn't sufficiently changed in its membership structure to give any reason to prioritize an El Moutawakel candidacy over Coe's. Both were athletes, but Coe has the added power base of the IAAF and has actually o
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