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  1. Sorry for the delay, but my phone, again, f%@$ me during the final part of the event (I hate android). Rushed home because of the rain, since was first time during this period I was caught without a coat (long day, which included a kids' party). She is one of the music powerhouses here, together with a couple of others. She has a kind of "rivalry" with Claudia Leite, who sang the official song of World Cup. The major problem wasn't her, but all other singers who sang before her. Some of them were totally dispensable, but all of them have to sing 3 songs. With the rain, only the die hard survived. Ivete could sing alone, something like Coldplay did in London, and lots of people would have stayed. Suggest watching her shows on YT to see what I mean. I was hoping more of the ceremony. Poor choise and order of music lost the vibe of the beginning of the ceremony, but Ivete helped in the end (together with Sir Phillip's speech). Anyway, for 30 Euros was good enough to watch it live.
  2. Thank god Nuzman is speaking only in one language. It took 4 tries for him to get real.
  3. The brazlian athletes took over the field and are dancing around, some other athletes followed.
  4. It is because of the song by Vanessa da Mata, which says to be wet by the rain
  5. The australians just showed a "Thank you" sign inside the field. Too quick to take a pic.
  6. Hello, everyone. Inside the stadium again. Let's see If the phone don't mess with me again.
  7. I know, but still the number of athletes who went to the OC seems like the same as tonight. And a lot left the stadium right after they entered.
  8. Seems like all the athletes went to the ceremony, unlike the Olympic. Always nice to see this.
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