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  1. Yeah, good idea of uploading images, maybe a on a website or blog -though I'd have to find out about copyright issues. About the scrapbook, I bought an 8.5 x 8.5 book-bound album. I just make a composition of the photos and clippings on each page and sometimes leave a space for writing. Anyway, I'll try to upload images of some pages soon. Something that inspired was the scrapbook shown during the final draw for the FIFA World Cup South Africa 2010. They showed a video with a grandfather showing his album to his grandson. His scrapbook looked so cool, it even had autographs and tickets contained in small paper pockets. Yes, you're right. A lot of things come into your hands: stickers, envelopes, candy wraps, etc. So why not making a compilation of them that in the long run will turn into an enjoyable historical document with your personal vision.
  2. While watching London 2012, an idea came to my mind. I love the Olympic Games so much that I decided to start a scrapbook on them. Actually, this happened just at the middle of London 2012 and I wish I had this idea before (maybe since LA 1984, when I was a kid). Well, this scrapbook does not only have paper clippings, stickers and photos but also my personal comments on how I enjoyed each day. Besides, I asked some pals outside to send me some material (any stuff would do). I'd love to add some autographs by local athletes in the future! I'm also including "flashback" pages with things I have or find about past Olympic Games, such as tickets, paper pennants, etc. So is there anybody out there making their own Olympic scrapbook? All the best!
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