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  1. Melbourne would be in revolt if Sydney got a second games before us. It's political poison for any Australian government that supports such a travesty ------------- Perth for me is a better choice than Brisbane, but neither is a good choice. Maybe by the time 2044 rolls around that will have changed, but for me I'd like to see another Australian games in my lifetime, and that realistically means Melbourne.
  2. Spain's credibility is in the toilet, which is a real shame because the Spanish people are amazing. But all CNN or Al Jazeera or the BBC needs to say is "25% unemployment" and everyone in the world automatically assumes Spain is a basketcase. I'd've supported bids for events like the UCI Worlds, but the Olympics just isn't the right fit for the country at this time, particularly when it is a country still in the first tier of recent hosts.
  3. I really like the logo, and I expect it to be incredible versatile, forming the glyphs for sports, directional arrows, the shape of icons etc. The look being used in things like that Athletics sheet is safe and not overly distinctive, but does a good job of not being as offensive to the eye as London's was. I'm expecting a lot of deep yellow vs blue play, with flashes of Green and a lot of blank space. As far as the official font goes...I really dislike it. It doesn't represent Brazil to me, it's difficult to read, and although it's distinctive, it isn't as memorable as London's.
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