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  1. Canberra is kind of notorious for lacking accommodation, though. You'd have to build a good few thousand hotel rooms, and you'd have to build them in a way that many could later be sold as apartments... although then there'd be a glut of apartments then There is a significant number of on-campus rooms between UC/ANU/ADFA (about 3,500) which could do the job if they'd be acceptable, but while you could get away with that for a YWOG, not sure about an Olympics.
  2. Melbourne would be in revolt if Sydney got a second games before us. It's political poison for any Australian government that supports such a travesty ------------- Perth for me is a better choice than Brisbane, but neither is a good choice. Maybe by the time 2044 rolls around that will have changed, but for me I'd like to see another Australian games in my lifetime, and that realistically means Melbourne.
  3. I do think there should be a city that is on permanent standby for 3 olympiads, which is awarded by having every sporting federation have their world championships (or *a* world championships, like U17s or whatever for FIFA), so that if a city is as dangerously underprepared as many have been, the standby city can host. Obviously, Melbourne would be an excellent choice for the 2016-2024 standby city
  4. I don't like the execution for Cardiff, it's a bit *too* abstract for me. But I love the idea. It gets my vote
  5. The only Australian city close to able to host the Winter games is Canberra, and even that's a big, big ask. While the nights can get quite cold (certainly, below zero at night for the duration of the games would be possible), there is very rarely snow and even less often, snow cover. The mountains aren't exactly close, there's nowhere near enough accommodation, and the venues built would have questionable legacy value unless Australia really pushed the idea of becoming a hub for off-season training. Even a Youth WOG would be a stretch, although it's a stretch I'd love to see the AOC take. NZ is a much better possibility for a YWOG, in Otago (Dunedin/Queenstown). Santiago could host a great WOG (hell, it could host a great SOG too... hey everyone who remembers the robbed Santiago bid in the competition last year...), but it wouldn't really be on the cards either, which is a shame. Another option is Bariloche, which again, would host a great games (although relatively 'Boutique'), but Argentina's economy is a lot shakier than Chile's, and it has all the other problems that the Southern Hemisphere has. It's not fair, but it's the truth - unless nobody up north wants them, or the IOC makes a conscious decision to host them in the Southern Hemisphere and declines bids from the north, it simply won't occur. Give Bariloche or Otago a YWOG and celebrate that much, fellow southern hemisphereans ------------------------------------------ Just as an aside, Melbourne is actually not an awful choice for a youth WOG either. It's slightly further from useable snowfields, but it does have the benefits of being an international city and could more or less handle the new venues without them becoming white elephants, at least relative to Canberra. It also has the hotel rooms, strong hosting pedigree across various sporting events, and the local population would snap up tickets pretty well.
  6. If it's all about the logo, probably not. I'm pretty confident that other than the Logo, Santiago was a very strong bid. I don't know if it was the strongest, but I'm pretty proud of it. I actually like the logo too, but I fully understand if others don't. I don't think I explained the moveability well enough - it is meant to be a fully moveable and active logo rather than a flat stamp - but I am happy to conceive that it was far from the best. We all put our efforts in to different areas, and the judges selected a very worthy winner, and I would certainly have voted for Berlin if I wasn't a competitor. I don't mean to sound bitter, because I'm not, but I am a bit annoyed that either I got the point of the competition wrong, or I focussed my energy in the wrong way. *concede, and conceive whilst I'm at it
  7. Any chance of getting the full voting figures? Also, thanks for running the competition.
  8. Disbelief in the crowd, and defiance, but people are glad to say that Chile and Santiago competed with the best:
  9. The crows gathering at Baquedano, in central Santiago: As the Chilean football team perform the "Bailar de esperanza", the crowd goes wild:
  10. Glad to see Delhi out... ...because I thought it'd be hard to beat! Excellent bid from PBE, good work.
  11. Berlin looks like a strong favourite, but they're all strong in their different ways and they all have some weaknesses.
  12. El orginizacion de Santiago 2024 quiere decir a todo las personas a quien les creen a nuestro idea un gran 'gracias'. Con suerte, esperemos que nos ganamos la abilidad de ser sede.
  13. wake up at 6 or stay up til 6.... Working from home tomorrow so...stay up it is
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