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  1. Why fear? Radiation level in Tokyo is one of the LOWEST out of ALL other major capital cities. If you don't want Tokyo to win the bid that's totally understandable but please state facts and not fears and fictitious lies . Radiophobia, the irrational fear promotion of radiation. There are many areas around the world with multiple times higher levels of natural background radiation than in evacuation zone around Fukushima, The people living in these areas show no harmful effects from radiation. Also the Radiation level in Tokyo is a non issue. UN report shortly after 3/11: the United Nations Scientific Committee on the Effects of Atomic Radiation has drawn on 80 scientists from 18 countries to produce a draft report that concludes: "Radiation exposure following the nuclear accident at Fukushima-Daiichi did not cause any immediate health effects. It is unlikely to be able to attribute any health effects in the future among the general public and the vast majority of workers." Radiation fear debunked pt2.. Tokyo radiation levels significantly lower than other Capitals I understand that people get excited during the run up to saturday's decision and want their favorites to win but promoting the LIE that Tokyo is highly radiated and should not host the games on safety grounds is frankly pathetic!
  2. Mitsuhei Murata Another Anti nuclear pro renewable energy agent fear mongering trying to smear the Tokyo2020 bid. It is very sad that you have to resort to shameless lies, smear campaigns and personal vendettas to harm your nations Olympic 2020 bid. Mitsuhei Murata is ONE person who has had a strong anti-nuclear stance for the last 50 years, I don't think his biased stance should be taken seriously when it comes to BALANCED opinion on nuclear energy or fukushima crisis... TOKYO 2020 bid does not deserve to be slandered with LIES,HYSTERIA and misleading nuclear scare stories from fukushima. I get the impression that anti-nuke pro "big oil" interests and nations who don't want Japan to win the bid are spreading FUD and lies to harm the Bid. kinda pathetic Murata states scary sounding statistics BUT he fails to provide context. he does that because people will automatically assume nuclear doom..Mitsuhei-Murata NO CONTEXT is given, only scary HIGH numbers like ‘trillions’ of becquerels A becquerel is a very small tiny unit. It is one radioactive decay of an atom per second. Trillions has useful meaning only in context. Yes I agree that Obviously The waterleaks need to be stopped but I've yet to see any credible suggestion that they present a serious threat to public safety, only “ZOMG Japan is’ doomed” fear stories. The contamination will be diluted in the Pacific Ocean posing ZERO harm, which does contain a rather large amount of water last time i looked , tritium will be dispersed in an enormous amount of water in the Pacific ocean the tritium release is a very minor issue.. why does Fukushima have ANY relevance to the olympic bid??Did you know Radiation levels in Tokyo Japan are LOWER than every other 2020 candidate city? FACT! PLEASE LOOK at the FACTS for yourself http://www.jnto.go.jp/eq/eng/04_recovery.htm#city deaths resulted and predicted to die DIRECTLY from from fukushima radiation exposure = ZERO. FACT! People forget that 20,000 people sadly died from the sickening tsunami in Japan on 311 but Nobody died from radiation leaks in Fukishima. The only radiation-related injuries were a couple of workers who got radiation burns on their shins and they had been wading around in the water on site all day as some of the first on the scene. They were kept in hospital overnight as a precaution and then discharged. That is it. More physical harm was done to people from ill-managed exodus such as evacuating elderly people and putting them in ill-suited temporary accommodation, etc. than from anything resulting from the nuclear power stations. The initial radiation level warning wasn't even on maximum until the Japanese government raised it because they were being wrongly accused of not taking it seriously enough by the western media. It’s overwhelming media hysteria from SOME segments of the press and very little scientific research indicates danger, whilst a lot indicates things are fine. I even read one alarming headline about how there are far fewer birds around Fukishima according to one scientific paper. I read the paper and there were no controls for other factors. So yes. Most of the people and all their discarded refuse, etc. has gone and so birds have less to feed on but the paper didn't say that. That's one example i am trying to get across that the fukushima disaster has been hijacked by anti nuclear supporters hyping minor stories and fabricating anti-Nuclear fear and hysteria. The media has been filled with horror stories like that whilst the reality is that multiple nuclear reactors based on obsolete designs which were commissioned in the late 1960s early ‘70s, got hit by a massive earthquake followed by a tsunami and they still didn’t leak any significant radiation into the environment, nuclear energy was not the failure at Fukushima it was the flooded[by tsunami wave]non waterproof cummins diesel generators serving the crucial function of supplying electricity to cooling systems.... . The real story is that it is a testament to the safety of nuclear power, but of course stories of terror sell more papers and theres also people with agendas (e.g. renewable energy/ big oil ) who benefit from turning it into a horror story despite lack of evidence. Sure – subjecting a township to radiation equivalent to being an airline pilot for a year is not great. But nor is it a terrible thing and its far better than either belching fossil fuels into the atmosphere and our lungs (and propping up nasty Middle-Eastern monarchies in order to get the fuel) and it’s better than plastering many hundreds of acres with subsidised twenty-story wind turbines which are the equivalent of one small compact nuclear powerstation, the fuel for which can be mined from such despotic countries as Australia and Canada. Now queue posts from those who like to tout scary numbers without understanding what those numbers actually mean or who talk about nuclear waste in out-dated terms not understanding that the old reactor designs were intended to produce material for nuclear weapons as a by-product and that modern designs can re-process spent fuel leaving very little waste. MY point is that the Fukushima issue has been wrongly hijacked by some less than desirable people/organisations in attempt to harm Tokyo 2020 chances to win the bid at the upcoming IOC conference.
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