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  1. Why fear? Radiation level in Tokyo is one of the LOWEST out of ALL other major capital cities. If you don't want Tokyo to win the bid that's totally understandable but please state facts and not fears and fictitious lies . Radiophobia, the irrational fear promotion of radiation. There are many areas around the world with multiple times higher levels of natural background radiation than in evacuation zone around Fukushima, The people living in these areas show no harmful effects from radiation. Also the Radiation level in Tokyo is a non issue. UN report shortly after 3/11: the United Nati
  2. What do you believe? hysteria,hype and unsourced claims unrelated to Tokyo 2020 bid or FACTS??? I think you need to stop the shameless nuclear hype in attempt to smear the Tokyo2020 Bid. FACT - radiation level in Tokyo is LOWER than the other 2020 bid candidates 2013 Radiation levels http://www.jnto.go.jp/eq/eng/04_recovery.htm#city
  3. Mitsuhei Murata Another Anti nuclear pro renewable energy agent fear mongering trying to smear the Tokyo2020 bid. It is very sad that you have to resort to shameless lies, smear campaigns and personal vendettas to harm your nations Olympic 2020 bid. Mitsuhei Murata is ONE person who has had a strong anti-nuclear stance for the last 50 years, I don't think his biased stance should be taken seriously when it comes to BALANCED opinion on nuclear energy or fukushima crisis... TOKYO 2020 bid does not deserve to be slandered with LIES,HYSTERIA and misleading nuclear scare stories from fukushi
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