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  1. No. I think you're not understanding what I tried to say. Once I posted it i wanted to edit it but that's not possible. I think boston is nice and it's a great city. But there are many nice cities. And just because a city is nice doesn't mean it should bid for the games.
  2. So? One magazine ranks it as a nice city? But then again all the cities on that list we nice. This list doesn't prove anything that pushes the idea that Boston should host.
  3. I agree with you, sort of. Boston hosting the games before Chicago and New York. It's sounds weird. But the only thing that Boston has over those cities is some sort of sign that they want the games.
  4. Both SanFran and Boston have there positives and negatives, but one problem lies within their potential bid, and most American cities bid. Do they have a legacy plan? What will become of the stadiums and arenas once the games are over. Will they be put to use? Or will they be demolished?
  5. I agree Boston is way too small, but they do have Harvard Stadium which could be used as the olympic stadium. Harvard is planning to renovate the stadium and also add a new basketball arena. I'm not saying I'm for a Boston bid, but they could have some options.
  6. My problem with the London ceremony was that it didn't show who London was, or who the UK was for that matter. Many countries have rebellious teenagers, industrial revolutions, and nice farm land. Other then Mary Poppins, "story time with JK Rowling", and the UK national anthem, what was unique about London and the UK.
  7. If skylines had to do with it, NYC, Chicago, Hong Kong would've all hosted the olympics atleast once.
  8. Showing each other pictures of the city was settle anything. Bottom line, they both have beautiful views.
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