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  1. First, this is not an American problem. All countries, whether they want to admit it or not are the same way. It's human nature. Everyone has short attention spans. We all here talk about how we get bored or how we want the next segment needs to start when watching the ceremonies. The US is just in a position where it is easy to call out. I should have written it as 'should' instead of 'need,' however. I don't disagree with you either. But it's hard to see in the future what is going to happen. The IOC has there money worth through 2020, but if, for some reason, viewership declines in 2016 and even into 2020, maybe the IOC needs to consider an American bid for 2024 or 2028. It operates as a capitalist organization, they want the most money they can get. I wouldn't expect the viewership to decrease, but it could. And yes, our time will come. There is only so many places you go. I was just a little jealous of, and excited for Tokyo.
  2. Thanks for the response Athensfan. I guess it doesn't make sense due to the politics. Still, if the IOC wants to increase their revenue, especially during this economic downturn, they need to elect a US host. The US TV rights are the IOC's single greatest revenue source. Also, we Americans have short attention spans and need a games to reinvigorate us. The only thing keeping us interested as of know are our athletes, mainly Phelps. I am not sure it would be a good thing, as others have stated, if the US have to wait into the 30's or even 40's. (I know I am having a hard time being patient!) I don't expect or want a US games often but I think that after nearly 30 years its time.
  3. I forgot about Sochi. So that would be 2 each of WOG's and SOG's. making it only 10 since the last European Games.
  4. I don't quite understand why the US should not bid. I understand that Europe's chances for hosting has gone up due to 2020, however, since 2002 North America has only hosted 2 WOG's while Europe has held 2 SOG's and 1 WOG during the same time. It will have been only 12 years since London and 14 since Vancouver, 22 since Salt Lake and 28 since Atlanta. I understand Europe has about 50 countries and N.A. only has 2 viable countries, but Why Europe first?
  5. Did Coe receive the Olympic Gold Order? I remember at the closing ceremony of Salt Lake that both Mitt and Fraser Bullock (2nd in command) were awarded the gold order. At least that's what I remember it being, they got a gold olympic ring necklace. How come they got this? Is it something all chief organizers get? How come Mitt got his at the closing ceremony?
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