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  1. So the pattern is that it can go to any country that's never had it before and/or an English-speaking country.. but there's an exception to that? That's not really a pattern or a trend. And there's a 2 in 3 chance 2020 won't follow that (unless we consider Japan to be an English-speaking country)

    well japan technically has some English in them in form of Romaji. also english words could also be translated into kanji while sounding identical to the english word but with japanese pronunciation.

  2. I think the biggest thing you will notice is that there is no pattern. These guys are all over the map. Especially when we are talking about 20-30 years from know, who the heck knows how they will be thinking.

    As for Philly? The town the booed Santa Clause isn't getting the Olympics. Period.

    santa clause?, what does that have to do with anything related to the games? so what, if they think he isn't really then it's more telling the truth if anything.

  3. i mean the 2018 winter olympics are taking place in pyeongchang in south korea. so do you think in the opening or closing ceremonies there will be a mention of k-pop, since it has been on a rise recently?

    it could be very smart if they do a tribute to korean pop music in the ceremonies like what london 2012 did. only problem here is these are the winter games, so it might be impossible to some extent. what do you think?

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