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  1. Look what i found!!! New Method for Losing Weight: http://t.co/1ZrmmAM3pj

  2. I hope Tokyo wins lol I agree..Japan has got 38 medals for their totals though..They're already on to top 12 for the medal table in London Olympics..and now, we're going to pray for them to win a Olympic bid for 2020 by 7th September next year..Also they're nearly wiping off Australia's medal table..don't you think huh Next time..they should get 25 gold medals, 20 silver medals and also 22 bronze medals when they get to Rio Brazil Olympic Games by 2016..is that really true?
  3. Woow cool...I would love to see Tokyo to hosting the 2020 Olympics <3
  4. Karate is "ready" for inclusion on Olympic programme in 2020, claims President | The Big Read | http://t.co/chhR0XE: http://t.co/qDLspG5

    1. kisah-london2012-love-15


      Yes yes yes...if Tokyo beats Istanbul and Madrid lol

  5. I'm praying to God about Tokyo to win a 2020 Olympic Bid by next year on 7th September 2013 <3 Just want to say: Thanks the Lord that these Japanese Athletes are doing really well <3 Bless you Tokyo <3
  6. No way..Istanbul is gay..that's not my favorite Yes..that's right..Tokyo is really my favorite..not Istanbul
  7. Reading about this: Japan Christian Missionary - http://t.co/jYLvnzq

  8. I want to support Tokyo to win a Olympic Bid I'm praying for this city from Japan to win a bid for 2020
  9. 47% public support..Tokyo's achilles heel? - http://t.co/GcsH8RS

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