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  1. My son and myself have enjoyed reading the speculation about the cauldron and just wanted to add our humble, newbie opinion to this thread. We visited the Olympic Park yesterday as we had grabbed some last minute tickets for the basketball and a trip up the Orbit. For us, it was the only thing that didn't feel right about the park. Not being able to see the iconic flame from around the park was a the only let-down for our short trip. We did manage to catch a view of it from the top of the Orbit. From the view that shows the roof of the stadium, the flame is also projected onto the screen, but why, we were not sure. We only noticed this later on photos not when we were actually at the event. ...now as for Lord Coe!!! How can he say this is not a tourist attraction. The Olympics are in themselves a tourist attraction. An event or location that attracts visitors! If he does't think it is a tourist attraction why are they selling thousands of souvenirs in shops all over London and the Olympic venues. What a load of nonsense. And can anybody tell me when it was ever "green" to burn thousands of pounds worth of gas, when nobody can even get any benefit from the flame. Typical environmental hogwash!!! We spoke to several members of staff about the flame and they all said that lots of people had been asking why it could not be seen.
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