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  1. EXACTLY!!! The flame would have overshadowed the Orbit as a "tourist attraction", which as they say on their website, "is London’s major new visitor destination – both during the Games and beyond." So the decision was to kill the flame and promote the orbit, without actually admitting it!
  2. WHAT??? okay there's definitely some bizarre reason for this decision that only the 'upper-class' know about...Maybe they did not want free-loaders outside the olympic park??? Or they wanted to make sure that the only activity available outside was this Orbit trip??? I can see the stadium from my house and I cant tell you how disappointed me and the kids were after waiting to see the flame from home, IT IS SAD FOR THE LOCAL CITIZENS WHO HAVE FUNDED AND CONTINUE TO FUND AND SUPPORT THIS EVENT, we are not tourists Sebastian....oh Lord Coe
  3. Hey, does anyone think this is the REAL reason for hiding Betty indoors, alone? Maybe to drum up revenue via the Orbit as a viewpoint of the flame, without actually admiting it? These decision makers cannot be that short-sighted, me thinks there was a hidden agenda to actively hide the cauldron! (I wonder if it can still be seen at its new position from the Orbit, anyone?) Also, what a waste of flames burning 24/7 alone!!! How about they took their own advice and took advantage of the digital technology we have now to stream a live feed of the flame for free??? Lord Coe has changed, he is too arrogant now:-(
  4. New Olympic event: Where's Betty, Wally? you THINK thats crap? Me Too!
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