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  1. I would love a games in either NYC or LA. We are so welcoming to athletes, they would have an awesome experience here
  2. New York City or Los Angeles 2nd choice would be Chicago or Boston
  3. We are back at number one Thanks China for looking after it so well for us, but we got it from here now
  4. Today Danell Leyva will become Olympic Champion :)

  5. Tot of the medal table atm - go Team USA!!!
  6. Another gold for Lochte and the great Phelps I can't seem to get enough of Lochte - big fan
  7. The dream team are in the house :)

  8. What's with the Chinese in the pool :(

  9. Found this video of the other cauldrons http://youtu.be/1i1r08irN7E
  10. I want to watch the opening again as now i know what most of it means. i did not record it, anyone know if its available anywhere?
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