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  1. I find this decision very sad. It shows just how little forethought went into the planning of the stadium that the archtects were so concerned with allowing the top section of the stadium to be dismantled, they didn't even consider how this would effectively prevent a permenant resting space for the couldron visible to all outside. And Lord Coe's comments are very disheartneing although unfortunately typical of the British political elite. I was reading comments from a French viewer on TF1's website who basically said why even bother bidding for the games if you're not going to honour the Olympic conventions. As a British citizen, I was dismayed to find myself agreeing with him.
  2. Hi everyone! This is my first post. I've noticed for a while that there appears to be a platform and ramp built upon the Millennium Dome, does anyone know what this is for? As for a possible cauldron location, I know the flame has to be seen by all in the stadium but this would allude to the rumours that the flame will be taken by speedboat down the Thames since the dome lies right on the river.
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