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  1. As others have said, I think we have to hand it to London for keeping the cauldron hidden this long. We're certainly playing Where's Wally? (Where's Waldo? here in the States) with the cauldron--which might be the point since the creator of that series, Martin Handford, is British.
  2. As explained earlier, I believe the cauldron was on the stadium's rim during last night's test; it will be lit on the track at the edge of the stadium floor, then lifted into place on the rim between two of the cables radiating from the center assembly. I can't completely rule out a flame-proof cable assembly above an elevated platform, however. But if it's lit at floor level, as the Bannister stories suggest, and THEN raised above the cables (as opposed to the baron's idea where only the flames themselves rise above the cables), the cauldron or its lighting mechanism will have to go THRU the cable level; that can't happen at the center (or the Tor) due to cables directly overhead. The location on the rim suggested by the earlier picture makes more sense; there should be a gap between cables there.
  3. As I'm right in the middle of NBC land, your source will still beat mine. I was assuming that. The cable assembly I was talking about would STILL have been flame-broiled by last night's test, as it appears to be DIRECTLY OVER the center of the stadium.
  4. The problem with a center-of-stadium cauldron is seen in one of the earlier photos, which shows a group of cables from all rims of the stadium coming together at the center; if the cauldron were there, that cable assembly probably went up in smoke last night. I'm pretty sure the final location is on the rim, but it'll have to move from the floor for Bannister (or the like) to light it.
  5. From that shot I do NOT think that's the cauldron; the flames would engulf the cables & pulley assembly, which wouldn't last for long. OTOH, a movable cauldron like Sydney's might work with a special cable harness.
  6. I wasn't sure, so I was just being clear. In any case, whoever put it in Wikipedia may have done so on the way from the OC--after a quick stop at the betting parlor, that is.
  7. The cauldron lighter is usually a secret till the OC itself, though IIRC some did guess Cathy Freeman. OTOH, I don't recall the cauldron design AND location being THIS secret before, not even at Sydney (the location was known, but not the design) or Beijing (the design was leaked a few days before).As far as the ATR article, I think my suggestion explains it: The lighting itself will be well within the stadium, as ATR reported; but the cauldron will then move to the stadium rim. But then it's not the first time OC organizers have lied about the cauldron lighting; I recall newspaper articles in 1996 suggesting the lighter would run thru a skybridge from the Atlanta stadium up a stairway inside the cauldron tower, but we all know now that's NOT how Muhammad Ali did it. (@tractarian: Just to clarify, I did NOT use Wikipedia in my research; as I said it may OR may not be Bannister. I used only the linked article, which suggested guesses from OC volunteers as the reason WHY Bannister went from 23:1 odds to being pulled from the boards at 1:1. Those guesses could also have inspired the Wikipedia edit--or not.)
  8. I have been lurking for what seems like the last 100 pages, but I think I have something that might affect the discussion--this Yahoo! Sports article about how Roger Bannister has suddenly become the favorite in British betting to light the cauldron. The important thing here is NOT Bannister himself (it could still be someone else), but the story as to HOW he became the favorite; evidently #savethesurprise does NOT apply at William Hill or Ladbrokes : That suggests the cauldron will be lit on the stadium floor, at a low enough level where an older track athlete (maybe Bannister, maybe someone else) could easily light it. Together with what's been posted here today (including the new cable picture which pretty much nixes the center of the stadium), I suspect it'll be raised from the edge of the field to the "most logical position"; it may OR may not be the "mystery cloud".
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