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  1. Unless I'm much mistaken, the cauldron, now that it has been moved to the bell end, will not be visible from the Orbit tower. I asume this is intentional, as anything else would represent an extraordinary failing in the overall design of the Olympic Park. Finding it truly unbelievable that this level of incompetence prevailed, I can only assume this is indeed by design - in which case it surely adds insult to injury.

    Lord Coe's dismissive attitude to hundreds of thousands of paying spectators, branding them as tourists whose money he did not want to spend on an attraction for them to see, is I feel the biggest Gaffe of the Games so far.

  2. Forgive me if this has been done and dusted long ago (232 pages is a lot to go though), but doesn't anyone else feel that

    1. the shape of the Tor is remarkably like a relatively conventional, but I would say Heatherington-esque, cauldron bowl, upside down.

    2. the Tor is too substantial and significant a prop not to have a more exciting purpose than be a stand for a tree or a place for people to perform.

    So my though is that as part of the performance the Tor is inverted and transfomed into the cauldron bowl, and then sits on top of something, or is conceivably suspended. (I don't buy the argument that suspension is too dangerous - the whole darn upper part of the stadium relies on cables under tension).

    Separately, I do buy Bronze's argument that the flame apparent in the video clip is far more likely to be in the centre of the stadium than anywhere else, unless there is reason to believe the camera in question was deliberately positioned to give that effect.

    A permanent flame over centre of stadium does seem unlikely though, so I'm guessing the flame in the video is in a temporary location - but that might mean it moves immediately, or possibly even after the ceremony (which I don't think we'd like, would we?)

    But, indeed, not long to wait now.....

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