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  1. I'm only watching on TV but it is clear that stadiums haven't been filled. I personally would blame the organisers having made tickets far more accessible for the poorest.
  2. Sorry being a bit anal but they aren't renovating it was built in the last few years and the capacity will not be greatly increased only by 15,000 by adding stands to each end which already has much of the structure ready. I have to say that is my major gripe about plans for Rio 2016 in that the Athletics stadium is not the main Olympic stadium; also having small capacity too.
  3. I think no matter how/where it ends up I am so glad that it is visible from outside stadium. I was really worried when I saw those reports that it wouldn't be so.
  4. I can't explain how it will get through the wires - however someone mentioned on one of the videos that the flame was flickering directly in front of the floodlight. It seems to me that this would pretty much match that scenario. Maybe it doesn't come from the tree however I would put a good bet on this being the final position
  5. Someone mentioned about the image of the Thames being used and I see the ramp with the image of the Thames on it leading directly to the base of the tor. I'm so excited to see how it happens - not long now
  6. Hi all I have just joined but have been reading the forum intently; I think I have just found the evidence that the Cauldron will come from the tree. There is a platform directly above the hole where the tree sits.
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