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  1. I still think the cauldron will be indoors for the football stadium in rio. If 2007 is any guide I don't expect the 2016 cauldron at the top, more likely indoors.
  2. Or they could have two cauldrons, one for Havalange and the other at Maracana. I remember seeing a outdoor cauldron lit with a flame at the sailing venue at the London 2012 games. If it could be done in 2010 winter games and the most recent Olympic games there's no reason why Rio could not do it.
  3. But then the cauldron would probably have to make way for football matches. Is the cacapity of Maracana stadium likely to be similar to that of the upcoming world cup in 2014 for the Olympics in 2016? No more and no less seats? I'm just wondering because they could remove some seats to make way for the cauldron?
  4. Oh well. Its best to take things in perceptive. The cauldron may be inside again, or on the roof who knows? People are used to see cauldrons on the top of stadiums but I must warn that cauldrons inside stadiums might be more common from now on. It's a matter of wait and see
  5. I'm just wondering if it will make much more sense to have the ceremonies in the althelic and track & field stadium rather the stadium where football matches will be held, so that more people would be able to see the cauldron? Are the organisers doing to do that?
  6. I think it's the most likely scenario. Similar to London or maybe on the roof of Maracana stadium. Remember Maracana won't be in the same area as the olympic village, and unfortunately people might have to get used to the idea of cauldrons being inside the stadium.
  7. Again a location for the cauldron is a matter for the Olympics organisers. Maybe they could go for a portable cauldron. Place one at the stadium for the ceremony and transfer it to the althetic stadium? I'm sure it's a requirement that the cauldron must be seen by the people who attend ceremonies.
  8. I noticed how windy London can be. Maybe wind and the unpredictability of the weather there could be a factor in the choosing of the site of the cauldron. Montreal's weather can be as unpredictable as well. In the 1952 games the cauldron at the opening cemeony was down on the ground when lit like London and there was another one at the top. Back then the cauldron in 1952 on the ground went out and the top one was lit for the reminder of the games. Different things happen in different games. No two Olympic games are ever the same.
  9. It's not the first time the olympic flame went out during the games. London is fast becoming a carbon copy of the 1976 games bar the labour strikes and debt. People now have to learn to accept that things won't always go to plan or their liking and Olympic organisers are only human just like the rest of us and they do make mistakes. This games remind me of the 1976 games, cauldron wise. The cauldron in 1976 went out in a storm during the games and had to be relit. But people there in Montreal probably were probably complaining about the half finished tower and the debt more so then the location of the cauldron. The location of the cauldron is a matter for the organisers to decide and I can't understand why people are complaining about the location of the cauldron. The times when people couldn't see the cauldron from the outside were in 1948, 1976, 1988 and now so there's nothing new there. Frankly I think we have become a generation of whingers who should be appreciating and celebrating the Games.
  10. I think people have got used to seeing the cauldron on top for a long period of time, they aren't used to the idea of a indoor cauldron. But in the event of climate change indoor cauldrons may well be more common in future games. I don't care if the cauldron is at the top or indoors but I'm rather surprised the London 2012 organisers didn't stick to its original plans for the cauldron. Maybe they didn't want to alienate old timers by choosing to install the cauldron inside and maybe they wanted to keep the 1948 memories alive. I liken the 2012 london stadium and tower as a modern version of Montreal 1976 stadium and tower.
  11. They could have hidden the tower underground, and maybe they could have make it to go up automatically on opening ceremony day. I don't think it's really that impossible to do so. But then I suppose at the end of the day, politics and money wins the day. Either way it's interesting - different methods of lighting, different stadiums, different looks of cauldrons. This world would be boring if the same method of lighting and the same cauldron was used at every games.
  12. But there were some occasions where the cauldron was sited inside the stadium. They happened in 1948, 1976 and 1988. I have no feelings about where exactly they should put it, that's a matter for the stadium and the games organisers. I admitted I myself was surprised they didn't stick to the original plans, not disappointed but just curiously surprised. I'm sure they have their reasons, and I'm not fussed either way.
  13. Is there still a chance the cauldron will be moved to the top of the stadium for everybody to see or is it likely to stay somewhere inside the stadium likewise in 1948, 1976 and 1988 games?
  14. Cathy Freeman was the lighter of the Sydney flame. She lit the flame in the pool of water and then a circular steel base came up the water. For some reason the steel circular base stopped and eventually made its way to meet the rising pole at the top of Stadium Australia.
  15. Its not related to 2012, what I'm referring to is in Montreal. Wasn't the tower supposed to be the place for the 1976 Olympic flame in 1976? It wasn't completed back then due to budget problems and other issuers, and I think they had to use another cauldron that is on the field inside the stadium. Am I right there? I'm not talking about 2012, I am referring to Montreal in 1976.
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