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  1. Hey Guys If this is really the cauldron (what I imagine, or not ?! ^^), I am wondering in which way they will have the fire and Gaslines in the Structure. As you can see, there is no space for a ''flame'' and I can't see anything that looks like little holes in it for the Gas come out and lit. Very suspect in my mind
  2. I think we all know very well former Logos from Candiate Cities, Applicants, etc. So it is easy to see which Logos are ''combined'', or changed insignificanty. But YOU show us a Logo with NO WORD that this is made with templates. You let us think that this Logo was your own work and hope that no one find the lie in it. A significant difference !!! As I said it posts before, no one was born as a Photoshop Designer and I think no one would be angry if someone says that the Logo wasn't done by him/herself ... But pls be honest and tell the people here whats going on, otherwise this Competition i
  3. @ mr.bernham looking for inspirations is absolutely OK! But you copy a template, and used it for your logo. Just changing the colour and set some effects isn't the way I understand making a Logo But the people here will decide when it comes to the voting ... @baron-pierreIV ok i will think about it
  4. First Guys, no one was born as a Photoshop specialist or creative Designer ... But to make this Competiton fair and serious please use your own creativity for making the Logo ... Here is mine, and the only one I will send to this Contest. Takes 1-2 hours with average Photoshop knowledge The Shape is a Key. Within, there is a snow-flake including a winter blossom, an abstract building enlightened during the Harbin Ice Festival and the letters XXIV (represent the 24th Winter Olympiad)
  5. You can find the first application file für die German Election here: http://www.dosb.de/de/olympia/olympische-news/detail/news/dosb_fragenkatalog_zu_moeglicher_olympiabewerbung_beantwortet/ scroll down and click : ''Fragen und Antworten Berlin'' , ''Fragen und Antworten Hamburg''
  6. On December 6th the DOSB Meeting (Germany's ''NOC'') is held in Dresden (Saxony). This is a possible date to announce the german City for bidding in 2024. Today is not clear if Berlin want to bid for 2024 or 2028. But I think, if the rotation princip of the IOC is still going and possible Winter Games 2022 in Central Asia/Asia, a European Bid for Summer Games 2024 is very strong, especially when Berlin bids (or Hamburg). The cities understood there is no chance to bid when the public doesn't support the bid. Therefore is planned a very transperant bidding phase, so everyone can see the costs
  7. And I forgot : In the 2018 election, Munich gets 25 votes ! That's a lot when you considering that there was never a doubt that PyeongChang will get the Games !
  8. The only thing Mr. Bach speaks about 2024 is the fact that he want to be IOC President in September 2013 ! If he wins, some IOC members say it clear that Germany will not get 2 gifts, what means the 2022 WOG will not be held in Munich. For me, it is not understandable why this should be a reason, because in Samaranch times it puches Barcelona for 1992, because of the good connection (corruption?) IMO Germany should do EVERYTHING to get the 2022 WOG, because : 1. All possible favorites are out: Switzerland, No support in Oslo, US won't bid ... And a Lwiw or Zakopane bid has no chance agains
  9. Mh ... (google translator) 19.10.2012 - For Munich's mayor Christian Ude is undisputed that Thomas Bach 2013 President of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) will be. The SPD politician, the same year candidate for the office of Prime Minister of Bavaria, sees this as a problem for the intended Munich's bid for Winter Olympics 2022nd In an interview with the 'Münchener Merkur "Ude said the role of Bach at the German bid for the Winter Games:" The fact that he wants to be President of the IOC, is correct that would be for the German sports incidentally very gratifying. ". Bach's ele
  10. Hi all , Munich is in (hopefully) !!! In November 2013 there is an referendum and if this is positove , Munich will bid for the 2022 Olympic Winter Games !!! http://www.br.de/themen/sport/inhalt/olympia/olympia-2022-buergerbegehren-100.html
  11. Totally agree for first part Is there a Referendum planned in Graubünden ? The Swiss jurisdictional is very different from other European States . I don't know how the people there think about OWG, but of course they would be great hosts ! When I see winter events hosted in Switzerland there is always a fantastic atmosphere !
  12. For me , it doesn't care if a german is IOC President or not . And I believe the most german's are with me . The Focus is to host the Games 2022 . The Winter Games in Munich would be a spectacular Event ! But we sould never forget , an Olympiad could not wash away the Problems of a country/city , or advances the economy etc. The best Examples are EURO 2004 in Portugal, Olympics in Athens 2004, Winter Games in Torino 2006 . All these countries fight now against unemployment, sovereign dept and so on ... The Games can push the national spirit , but never bring the country ultimative forward .
  13. I have no Plan which role Mister Bach plays in the IOC circle ^^ The the ultimate disaster could be : He voted with the help of the Oslo supporters to IOC President and therefore the Games go to Oslo ! Otherwise he could waived for IOC President to save Munich's Chances for the 2022 Games (But I can't imagine that he would be so selfless ... )
  14. The lack of interest for the 2018 Games was the fact that everybody was sure that PyeongChang get the Games . That Munich bid for these Games is a Sign that they want to Games ... in 2022 ! They know that they have no Chance against PyeongChang, but it was important so see which criteria and connections inside the IOC will work that they have the best deck of Cards for 2022. The 2018 Bid was just for testing, to make it better for 2022. No Asian oder North American City will Host the Games in 2022 (or Candidate) , only Europe left (no Oceanian or South American city will be chosen as Candidat
  15. Well , somebody writes that the cauldron will be lit in the middle of the stadium . If this is true , the cauldron couldn't be very tall , right ? Because the work under the platform must be very difficult , even if there's a hydraulic system which lifts the cauldron in the high. I can imagine that the top of the stadium cauldron will hang on strings , flow in the air and landet on the orbit platform ...
  16. here is another picture , i marked the glowing thing and the platform/ramp i never saw a ramp/platform there before ... it coud be the final position for the cualdron , after it's lightning in the stadium because somewhere the cauldron must be seen by the public , right ? and there is no other building where it can be lift up ... BUT it's all speculations Sorry for my bad english
  17. Hi Guys , I'm new here but i followed the hole discussion of the cauldron location. A few Moments ago I found this picture which I never saw before ... http://oi45.tinypic.com/2qx1b29.jpg Do we have our cauldron location or is it fake (left side) ? Hard so say for me ... But there is a Ramp near the glowing thing , I am confused
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