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  1. Hey Guys If this is really the cauldron (what I imagine, or not ?! ^^), I am wondering in which way they will have the fire and Gaslines in the Structure. As you can see, there is no space for a ''flame'' and I can't see anything that looks like little holes in it for the Gas come out and lit. Very suspect in my mind
  2. Well , somebody writes that the cauldron will be lit in the middle of the stadium . If this is true , the cauldron couldn't be very tall , right ? Because the work under the platform must be very difficult , even if there's a hydraulic system which lifts the cauldron in the high. I can imagine that the top of the stadium cauldron will hang on strings , flow in the air and landet on the orbit platform ...
  3. here is another picture , i marked the glowing thing and the platform/ramp i never saw a ramp/platform there before ... it coud be the final position for the cualdron , after it's lightning in the stadium because somewhere the cauldron must be seen by the public , right ? and there is no other building where it can be lift up ... BUT it's all speculations Sorry for my bad english
  4. Hi Guys , I'm new here but i followed the hole discussion of the cauldron location. A few Moments ago I found this picture which I never saw before ... http://oi45.tinypic.com/2qx1b29.jpg Do we have our cauldron location or is it fake (left side) ? Hard so say for me ... But there is a Ramp near the glowing thing , I am confused
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