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  1. That was stunning, perfect, touching! Everything went right by the looks of it. Together, it's a huge blazing flame... but I like that you can see 200 individual flames. Not sure where it will go now though?
  2. 7 final torchbearers in the stadium! Wow, it's huge! and absolutely AMAZING!
  3. And it was right in front of our noses all the time!
  4. The water wheel is still there, but in the very centre is something that looks like it's covered. Also, the athletes are being put into the shape of a dove/flower I think!
  5. The bit with Beckham was practically live! The speedboat went through Tower Bridge at about 9:40pm, less than an hour ago.
  6. Nope, camera is only focusing on teams emerging. Not got a clue where they're going. Center of stadium? Tor?
  7. The tickets! Every country is bringing out what looks like the cone of a trumpet or a copper petal... the things seen on the opening ceremony tickets!
  8. The rings at Tower Bridge have been raised... could this be anything? The boats already passed through, so could this mean something else is happening there? As for the water wheel, not sure... it was lit up earlier (electric lighting) but I think it has since gone off stage. The disc that people were talking about, was just on stage involved in a dance, so I don't think that's the cauldron.
  9. The genius thing is that they knew every single person would be watching the opening ceremony... nobody would even realise the torch had gone through Tower Bridge. David Beckham was 'driving' the boat!
  10. Yeah, should have seen the boat, it was a lit up speedboat with the flame at the front, headed towards east London.
  11. TOWER BRIDGE TO OPEN SHORTLY TO ALLOW A BOAT CALLED 'MAX POWER' THROUGH. That's how it's getting to the stadium, by boat!
  12. I noticed this too and was confused. It wasn't a reflection, it didn't move when the camera did and was visible from multiple angles. I'm pretty sure it's not the rings, as they were horizontal. This looks to be a blue circle, vertical on the roof of the stadium. During the news actually, you could still see the lights flashing inside... they're still practicing!
  13. *On a side note, sorry for the digression, it just made me laugh in relation to this, Denis Oswald is carrying the Olympic Torch in Westminster this very second as I type this.*
  14. Haha, alright, I hadn't thought of that, you're right.
  15. I can't say much, but I've had strong hints from someone who knows. It makes sense too. You wouldn't want it lit outside the stadium, because then not everyone inside the stadium would see it. But you would also want it outside the stadium so that the park could see it. Why leave a flame inside a stadium that's empty for the first week of the games?
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