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  1. So if that's true, and I bet there are some experts on this site that can verify this. Does this make Vancouver 2010 W.O., and Toronto 2015 P.A., the only two olympics/regional games to have an opening ceremony indoors?

    Sochi's ceremony was underneath a roof, but that was temporary so I don't know if it really counts.

    I recorded the ceremony, so I was able to skip the speeches and most of the parade.

  2. I was expecting that, they would be my choice after NOLA. So then I guess the next time is 2023?

    I not sure if America cares enough about the Pan Am Games to mount a serious bid. I don't think they get a whole lot of coverage despite being "covered" (and I use that term loosely) by ESPN. Although if a US city were going to bid, I would prefer Minneapolis or Columbus.

  3. Part of me believes that this whole "moving the World Cup to November" thing could possibly be a great ploy by FIFA to try and change the location of the tournament, or at least re-do the election. Less people may argue if its proven by FIFA that Qatar can't properly host the tournament in summer and it can't be moved to winter without angering the leagues.

    Just a theory.

  4. An Olympics is perfect for Durban to get out of the shadow of South Africa's two more internationally known cities of Cape Town and Johannesburg.

    That does make me wonder though. Johannesburg is the biggest city in South Africa and probably the most well known. Why don't we ever hear about them in terms of the Olympics.

    Just a nagging question.

  5. I said the field is going to be highly competitive. So what are you saying?

    I think he's saying that if the field is as competitive as it looks right now, with cities like Paris and Durban, among other major world cities, looking like they want to bid, it lowers the chances of an American bid, and as such, it may be better for the USOC to wait to bid until 2028 or 2032. Especially if they don't have a very compelling option.

    Correct me if I'm wrong, Athens.

  6. The problem is what would Philly do with the Olympic Stadium post Olympics? The Phillies, Eagles and MLS Union don't need new venues. Maybe Temple or University of Pennsylvania do?

    Maybe it could be reduced to 20k - 30k for possible use for events such as high school football games, track meets, non world championship IAAF events, concerts, etc.

    Franklin Field at Penn is the oldest active stadium in college football. It's not a National Historic Landmark, but it's historic enough for there to be plenty of resistance to replacing it.

    I don't think you could get an Olympic Stadium close enough to Temple to get them to leave Lincoln Financial Field.

  7. IDK what the legacy of a NYC stadium would be. This new MLS team is the best potential legacy but they will have built a stadium for themselves well before 2024, so obviously it can't be used for the Olympics as a main stadium

    If they decide to bid, they might be able to get the MLS team to hold off for a couple of years.

    Alternatively, the MetLife Stadium lease allows either the Jets or the Giants to opt out every five years after the 15th year. So it may be possible one of the two may get tired of sharing.

    Wikipedia did list their source http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/MetLife_Stadium but the source article at nj.com was deleted, sorry.

  8. Gymnastics – Barclays Center Brooklyn

    In it's original design, long before it was constructed, Barclays would have been able to host gymnastics. Now it's designed around basketball, so it doesn't have the necessary floor area. Barclays would be better suited for basketball, and MSG for gymnastics.

  9. This is where I think Franklin Field and by proxy, UPenn comes in. The venue is capable of handling a track and field event on a national level and with some refurbishment could probably handle an international sporting event like the Olympics. The area (University City) in which the stadium and the university is located is one of the cities most vibrant, technically advance and re-developed. UPenn is constantly expanding from it's University City limits across the Schuykill River into Center City Philadelphia and would benefit greatly from an Olympic Park situated within or around University City along the banks of the Schuykill. In tandem with the sports complex situated in South Philly, which is a short distance via highway or alternate transporation (bus, train, etc) the majority of Olympic events could be handled within a matter of five miles distance.

    I think this has been talked about before in various threads, but for the Olympics, the interior lane has to measure 400 meters all the way around. Franklin Field falls well short of that specific requirement.

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