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  1. Might rewatch this later in primetime with commentary, and pray that it doesn't suck.
  2. So where will the athletes be in all this? On the floor as usual?
  3. The bad part is that this whole mess overshadows anyone in FIFA who's trying to do right by the game. At least I hope there are good people in FIFA.
  4. I haven't been able to catch much. Has anyone stateside been watching ESPN's coverage? How are they doing compared to everyone else?
  5. Sochi's ceremony was underneath a roof, but that was temporary so I don't know if it really counts. I recorded the ceremony, so I was able to skip the speeches and most of the parade.
  6. In my opinion, The capacity of Matthews Arena seems better suited for something like taekwondo or table tennis.
  7. The slalom venue, to me, seems to me like the venue with the least amount of return on investment. What can you really do with it after the games? Is the legacy potential really all that high?
  8. Part of me believes that this whole "moving the World Cup to November" thing could possibly be a great ploy by FIFA to try and change the location of the tournament, or at least re-do the election. Less people may argue if its proven by FIFA that Qatar can't properly host the tournament in summer and it can't be moved to winter without angering the leagues. Just a theory.
  9. What the Paralympics need is better media coverage. IIRC, NBC hardly covers them at all.
  10. According to Google Earth, about 20 minutes apart by car. Makes me wonder how it could work if they were to have two cauldrons. As for London's cauldron, In my opinion, the way they have it sitting in that tunnel makes it look so insignificant.
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