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  1. I love the idea with the petals coming together to form the cauldron, I still think Sydney has the best cauldron lighting, but still overall well done London... On a side note I did say it would be kids that would light it...
  2. I'm just giving reference to another stadium that you all would be familiar with, to hopefully help people understand what the roof is made out off, I'm not suggesting any direct correlation. To your latter comment about the composition of the roof, yes I am saying because its fabric, there is a higher chance of a suspended cauldron because i am concerned that the fabric might burn.
  3. According to the BBC the roof isn't metal, it's fabric like the the BC Place in Vancouver was during the games, so the Idea of a suspended cauldron is not too far fetched...
  4. That might have been another contributing factor but still why would the IOC compromise on a symbol of the games. I don't think its likely.
  5. It's likely that Singapore had already poured in a lot of resources into the torch relay before the announcement and the IOC allowed them to proceed with it because of that. I just don't think they would compromise on such an iconic image like that.
  6. I am hoping those reports are false. One thing that would make me think they are false is that in Vancouver they had two cauldrons. It was my understanding that according to olympic rules, the cauldron has to be lit at the opening ceremony yet also be visible to the public. The Indoor cauldron solved the first condition and the outdoor solved the latter. The cauldron is a big part of the games. If it was only visible on the inside, it would add another blunder to a growing list.
  7. I was not suggesting that Paul. I was thinking maybe two or three local children because again it would put the focus on how the cauldron is lit rather than who lights it. The I think a "pile" of lighters could only work if it invoked some imagery of past Olympic history like how the Salt Lake cauldron lighting invoked imagery of the 1980 miracle on ice. Otherwise it would look like a mess. That being said Paul, your guess seems like a really good fit for the slogan if they were use that as inspiration. If they went down that route, could that also mean three cauldrons with three different designs? One could be inspired by the 1908 games, another being a replica of the 1948 cauldron and then one new design for the current games…
  8. Lately that has been the case Athensfan, but if Boyle doesn't want the person who lights the torch to be the focus, a younger individual or group of individuals may accomplish that.
  9. Good point. Salt Lake City's theme in 2002 was light the fire within and that was reflected in the cauldron as well. The 1980 US men's hockey team lit the cauldron from within. Could we see a member of the younger generation light the cauldron, but then again the lighting is always a moment that inspires a generation...
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