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  1. That photograph is from a test not the opening ceremony.
  2. They just showed the cauldron on the news. It is still in the centre of the stadium at the moment but the flame is turned down quite considerably but still lit.
  3. The flags are going on the tor as are the petals!!!!!
  4. I think the bit with Beckham was pre filmed not live, my bet is on the copper petals being assembled to form part of the cauldron. He said a 'significant role' and lighting the cauldron is the only significant role left other than the speeches.
  5. Are we about to find out? It's the torch section!
  6. I don't think the cauldron can be visible inside the stadium even now. It is filling up with audience now and they have nothing better to do that tweet spoilers. Surely we'd have had SOMETHING by now! It must be an amazing 'reveal'. I like the suggestion it will be constructed during the industrial revolution section but think it is more likely to be connected to the Thames outline on the stage. Not long to wait now!
  7. I don't think it is possible for the cauldron to rest on the platform above the tor. despite the wires there also appears to be a flying camera directly above the platform. They aren't that heat resistant!
  8. "And that flame will be brought right here to the Olympic Park, tomorrow night and it will ignite the most extraordinary Olympic cauldron that any of us have ever seen. It is absolutely fantastic!" - Jon Snow, Channel 4 News
  9. plus both BBC and ITV studios look over Orbit and the stadium, for as long as I can remember both their studios have lookrd over the stadium in view of the flame. Unles they are looking over Orbit because they can't see the flame!
  10. They have said The Orbit WASN'T the cauldron, we know that is designed by Heatherwick, but nobody has ever confirmed that Heatherwick's design wouldn't be places ON Orbit. I think it's fair to say this is a modern day miracle keeping it secret so long!
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