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  1. Sounds reasonable to me. I can just imagine a darkened stadium, the Tower Bridge fireworks showing on the big screens then a runner emerges from the darkness, runs a snaking path along the 'Thames' and passes the torch to the cauldron lighter. Although, I've just realised the Thames stage is oriented to that the west, inland, end of the river is at the 'tor' end of the stadium. The entrance is at the seaward end of the river. That would spoil my suggestion although I still like yours and think its possible. It could be difficultt to get a boat from the Thames into the Lea and canals at low tide. I don't know how much water is needed but I understand the improvement works included a new lock at the Thames confluence.
  2. On the night of the 27th, high tide on this part of the Thames will be about 7.20pm. Low tide is about 1.15am and it is low (little more than 1m). This could affect the viability of taking a boat all the way to the Olympic Park.
  3. I've already answered that, if he was only asked about the opening ceremony, why would he give away more information? Why not keep a surprise? That article is written in terrible English, with such contrived phrases, I wouldn't be surprised if something was lost in translation anyway. The point is, there is very little evidence to support anything written here. Unless someone on this forum has inside knowledge about the cauldron, we are all speculating. I see no reason why my speculation shouldn't be as good as yours but I sense a certain condescension in your tone. I'm sorry if I've committed some awful sin by joining in this discussion but I thought it was an open forum. Yes, I will be disappointed if there isn't a cauldron visible in the Olympic Park. I'm not suggesting that, simply because of my disappointment, the cauldron should be visible to all. I am not an Olympics aficionado but, to me, the cauldron/flame is the enduring symbol of past Olympics. I don't believe I am alone in this and I am sure many visitors to the Olympic Park will feel disappointed if they can't see the cauldron/flame. You possibly are not aware that, even two months ago, there seemed little interest in the torch relay. The torch itself received quite a lot of criticism. LOCOG didn't take that as an opportunity to scale the relay back. As it transpired, since the very first runner, every mile of the relay route has been lined with members of the public. I really do not think, having kept faith with the relay, LOCOG will suffer a lack of vision over the cauldron and hide it away in the stadium. We will know the truth in about 48 hours. If I'm completely wrong, I shall make a point of coming on here to eat humble pie. If, however, there are two cauldrons, or one that is visible outside the stadium, I may return and treat your comments with the derision you have shown for mine. The whole journey wouldn't be possible on the Thames but the Olympic Park is on the River Lea and canals which connect to the Thames. As part of the park construction works, navigation was improved on the canals.
  4. On the 27th, the torch/flame leaves Hampton Court (south west of London, on the river Thames) on its journey to the Stadium (east London). No further details are given of the route, although I think I have read that it's leaving Hampton Court by boat. Perhaps the different torch could be beause this was a rehearsal? My point exactly!
  5. I couldn't say for sure if there has or there hasn't. However today we've statements on ATR that the cauldron will only be visible inside the stadium. We have also seen planning documents identifyimg the location of the cauldron on the northern concourse. Two cauldrons is the only way to reconcile these 'facts'. I do not think LOCOG would make such a courageous decision to only have a cauldron inside the stadium. After the success of the torch relay, which has captured the imagination of the nation, they would dissapoint thousands and leave themselves open to massive criticism.
  6. Damn, I hit send before I'd finished. I was going to finish by saying I'm going to see the hockey in just over a week. One of the highlights that I'm looking forward to is seeing the flaming cauldron as I leave the park in darkness. I'm going to be mighty disappointed if this isn't possible as, I suspect, will almost all the visitors. That's why I'm sure there will be a cauldron, posibly a duplicate cauldron, visible outside the stadium.
  7. I've accepted that there won't be a huge cauldron towering over the stadium and now I'm more inclined to agree with the suggestion (I think yours) that there may be two cauldrons or the lit cauldron will be moved. I think the simultaneous lighting of two cauldrons (or moving of the lit cauldron) could form part of the spectacle. I also think it may be that the actual lighting will only be visible inside the stadium. In support of this, Boyle has spoken of a ceremony designed for the people in the stadium (lighting a cauldron outside/above the stadium roof would not be seen by all those inside). Heatherwick has spoken of the lighting as a "moment" and described Boyle as an expert in creating moments. Finally, the Prime Minister wasn't happy with the original low-key opening ceremony and wanted a more impressive ceremony to promote the UK. We know from Heatherwick that the PM was consulted about the cauldron lighting. Some have interpreted this as meaning the lighting is so 'unusual' it needs special permission. Unless they're planning to use the recently installed anti-aircraft missiles to ignite the cauldron, I think this unlikely. It's far more likely that the PM had to sign off on whether the cauldron lighting part of the ceremony was spectacular enough to justify the extra £41million.
  8. Here's something concrete about the cauldron; "I already know the London Cauldron will be the most beautiful ever so this will be my favourite." That's a quote from Clare Amsel, Producer, Paralympic Opening Ceremony (page 6 https://getset.london2012.com/assets-uploaded/documents/WSD_oc_-_Story_E-W.pdf). Denis Oswald is also reported as having confirmed to ATR that there is a cauldron. So I doubt it's going to be a re-cycled bell! Look at the ATR article and it starts by saying "a cauldron towering over the Olympic Stadium will be missing during the games". It then goes on to say Denis Oswald "confirms it will only be visible within the Olympic Stadium". None of this says this will be the ONLY cauldron. ATR assume that's what it means or perhaps they 'spin' it that way to make it more of a story? Anyway, imagine an interview going something like this: ATR: We are a few months/weeks/days away from the opening ceremony but there's no sign of a cauldron in the Olympic Stadium. Given the design of the stadium, it's very difficult to see where the cauldron would go. Will there be a cauldron in the stadium for the opening ceremony? Oswald: There is definitely a cauldron. ATR: Does that mean it will be on a tower outside the stadium? Oswald: No, it will only be seen inside the stadium. OK, that's pure guess work but a conversation like that is surely possible. If Oswald was asked, and answering, a question about the opening ceremony; there could be a cauldron outside the stadium without any contradiction. As ATR go on to say: "The absence of a cauldron visible from outside the stadium is a first for the Summer Games of the recent era".
  9. I've just seen another of these so I'm sure it's NOT the cauldron.
  10. There's nothing wrong with the joke but it seems odd to refer to it at the end of the article. I think tractarian has a point and it probably means the latest article about the London cauldron isn't a joke. However, I do wonder about the language used in the article. Perhaps the cauldron will only be visible inside the stadium when it is lit? Although I hate the idea of duplicate cauldrons (one inside and one outside) maybe this is a possibility. I just hope the thing doesn't appear out of a trap door in the centre of the stage/stadium. That just seems so unoriginal.
  11. Perhaps ATR are correct although I note the last paragraph in the article refers to a 2007 ATR April fools joke about the London cauldron. I'm new to this forum, and not an Olympics geek; I found my way here after seeing the torch relay because I was curious about the cauldron. However, I remember reading that the IOC stipulates the cauldron lighting must be witnessed by those attending the opening ceremony and also witnessed outside by the entire residents of the entire host city (literally imposible in a city the size of London). That is why, I understand, Vancouver had two cauldrons. Unless this 'rule' has changed, I find the ATR article difficult to believe. Given the rather clumsy English in the article, perhaps something was lost in translation? I see that Heatherwick's comments about Prime Minister David Cameron are being referred to again. I really think this is more about the Prime Minister approving the spectacle of the lighting, rather than authorising some outlandish method of lighting the cauldron. When the ceremonies budget was doubled, last December, Cameron was Reported to have "approved suggestions [for more elaborate ceremonies] when they were presented" (http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/politics/8936486/London-2012-Olympics-David-Cameron-steps-in-to-double-budget-for-opening-and-closing-ceremonies.html). Some people have mentioned the idea of the cauldron (or the queen) 'flying' through the stadium. I found a London 2012 document that says the opening ceremony will use a flying system capable of lifting 25 tonnes (https://getset.london2012.com/assets-uploaded/documents/WSD_oc_-_Story_E-W.pdf).
  12. Thanks both of you. It doesn't seem to. E working on my iPad so I'll fire up my PC later and have a go. Don't hold your breath though, they're not the best pictures and probably not the cauldron anyway.
  13. Now you've confused me. In thepianoman's picture, the gap is at the far right of the stadium: I think that would be almost behind anyone sitting facing the 100m finish. I'm sticking with my original interpretation of it being by the VIP enclosure/hospitality area outside the stadium. The 'white dome' and black structure, which isn't shown in this link, is almost behind the 100m start: http://wellingtonhousebcn.files.wordpress.com/2012/07/london-olympic-stadium-2012.jpg Having said that, I've just seen something on BBC news that makes me wonder if the cauldron could be north east of the stadium. The news was being broadcast from the studio overlooking the Orbit. Towards the right hand edge of the screen I briefly saw a yellow flash lasting a second or two (not a beacon on a vehicle). I rewound the clip and saw a column light up (from ground upwards) and then a flame yellow light on top. It could just be a sculpture I suppose as I hav to say the yellow light didn't look very flame like. I'll try taking a few pictures but don't know how to post them.
  14. It sounds like Sir Matthew would make a good member of this forum, I think he is speculating just like the rest of us.
  15. This picture shows several gaps. http://www.insidethegames.biz/images/2012/07/Soldiers_outside_Olympic_Stadium_July_22.jpg
  16. I think that gap is further round, closer to what people have identified as the VIP area.
  17. I missed that but I posted a link to some pictures yesterday that showed the view from the BBC sport (blue box) studio. I'm sure the broadcast studios will have a good view of the cauldron (whatever form it takes) which makes me convinced it will be on the northern plaza. The international 'blue box' studios are further west than the BBC studios but also have a good view of this area. I'll look out for pictures of the wrap in this area.
  18. I've seen a picture of Heatherwick's work on here (can't find it now, typical) which shows a golden snake like structure 'clinging' to the corner of a building. I could imagine something like that entwined around the white frame of the stadium. That's probably a wild guess but spare all the others. If, as I understand it, the final rehearsal is tomorrow (Wednesday) that leaves two days with the park in lock-down to assemble a cauldron before the opening ceremony. Should say "so are all the others".
  19. A picture of the tree; raised up with roots, here: http://english.kyodonews.jp/photos/2012/07/170557.html
  20. Well that could be a possibility and some have mentioned it at the same time as the black structure. I always assumed them to be integral to each other. Of course, you could just be making mischief
  21. Thanks, I'd not seen a clear picture of this side of the stadium.
  22. Right, back to the cauldron. That's the bit of the Daily Mail pic' I was referring to. As others have said, the umbrella things are the lights but I'm curious about the 'stairs'. You may have seen it in close up (I haven't) so I'm not saying you're wrong but, from the pic's I've seen all the stairs are inside the wrap. If there are stairs outside the wrap here, that's curious itself. That's the same area as the other pictures (and it can be seen in the pictures above). Ive not seen it up close, so it may indeed just be a cover for high voltage cables. Presumably the extra power is needed for the opening ceremony lighting and effects. Anyway, I still think this area is worth watching as it would be a logical location for the cauldron. Someone asked about the tree (sorry, I forgot to quote the post). I've seen a picture of it raised up too and it had roots hanging down. This suggested to me it plays a part in the ceremony (why go tot he trouble of making roots if they stay hidden? It's not a real tree is it?).
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