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  1. Yeh I talked about the 'mystery disk' a few pages back - they wheeled it out at the end of monday's rehearsal also. So it's obvious that Redgrave will be in the Shard and will fire a laser onto some land mark which will bounce onto another before reaching the Orbit. From the Orbit it will bounce onto the disk which will hit the cauldron and light it. Simple...
  2. As for the idea that it would be floating in the middle (aside from how the gas would get there). Would the javelins have a change of hitting it. Not really sure how high they go. And if the cauldron was on the ground it would be in the way for where the javelins and shot put (and others) would land surely?
  3. So are we thinking this is the bell-end (sorry) or the tree end?
  4. Definitely looks flame-like. BBC News (May be the same feed as World News) has the stadium behind the presenter - no sign of a flame. Just lots of flashing lights. Exciting!
  5. I love the idea of the Orbit skylight so people can see it from below. + I like the idea of the Orbit being the couldron anyway (see my London's Eiffel Tower jargon back a few pages). And like AustralianFan I was looking at the light on the Orbit the first time I watched the video - though on the second time watching the flame in the stadium looks big. So - maybe it is on the stadium and moves to the Orbit - or both. If it was to move then perhaps that little cloud I mentioned or a laser would transport it.
  6. Well, firsly the countyside gets cleared away very quickly - as it turns into the industrial revolution. That scene is AMAZING. and I was very surprised at how quickly the green/pleasant stuff got cleared away. Seriously - its crazy. The grass gets rolled up and everything dismantled. At the time of me leaving at the end the entire stage was completely cleared away. - empty. Secondly - a helicopter appeared above - there was already the one filming - but this was another one which was lower. On the screen a VT starting playing and it only lasted a few seconds before they turned it off - but it actually looked like the boss from Spooks* - But that could have been my imagination. The lighting around the stadium went union jack colours and the Bond theme started playing. It was clear that they simply weren't going to rehearse that section and they simply moved on to the next. *Spooks is a British TV show set in MI5 (or Mi6 - one of the 2)
  7. The big question relating to the wires is how 'James Bond' will parachute in. When they did the little bond theme section and a helicopter appearing over the stadium during the rehearsal - I'm there staring up expecting somebody to appear (they skipped the scene) and just thinking how the hell anyone would get through the wires. It will be a tight squeeze if he does get in.
  8. I'm sure the athletes will actually have seats and will be able to watch some of the show once they are in the stadium. (Could be wrong but I think I read that somewhere.
  9. Hey, So I had a look at the video posted a few pages back where the user said stop at the 1:30 mark. That strange disk thing is actually a good point. The scene which is taking place in the video was the last scene (or 'act') before the audience was asked to leave the rehearsal. While people were leaving the disk was moved opposite the bell and positioned almost vertically as if it was facing the bell. Since I and everyone else had to leave - we have no idea what use the strange disk has.
  10. Oh, just to add (in case it turns out to be connected and then I can say 'I told you so') while walking around the stadium on Monday (on the stadium island) I noticed this weird little steam train thing kinda covered up next to the stadium. Well it wasn't quite a train - but looked close to it. Bit odd.
  11. Are you suggesting a pile of children will be set alight? But really - I don't think Tom Daley is getting another attention in regard to who will be lighting the cauldron. He is not just the poster boy of London 2012 but the poster boy of the sporting youth. It would also fit in with the 'inspiring a generation' tagline. I really like the idea of Roger Bannister, Steve Redgrave and Tom Daley lighting it together showing the three generations
  12. So the tree - which was not featured at all in anything I saw at the rehearsal on Monday could be it right? Seeing how it HAS to have a role which they have hidden so far. As for the stairs going up the stadium. They are simply stairs for the audience to get to the higher tiers. Here is a photo I took on Monday showing the stairs and the lights which have also been referred to 'golden umbrellas'.
  13. Right, back on topic...here's a new idea nobody has come up with. It's been said lots that the lighting will be an 'event'. - Now, this is taken from an email sent to people attending the final rehearsal on Wednesday night. Maybe it's just some little thing to get people to 'tag their location'...but maybe they are testing something for the lighting of the cauldron. I'm thinking: "London 2012 Couldron: Lit by the people of London and the world" ect...
  14. I'm afraid this is the only photo of 'mystery area' I have and it was taken Monday night - so less than 24 hours old. It is strange that there is still construction going on with just 5 days till the opening ceremony.
  15. Yeh that is the VIP I was talking about. I've explained it more here. I am guessing that it is a bar/lounge place but it would make complete sense as they would need somewhere to look after (wine and dine) the IOC members.
  16. I highly doubt that since they have already been used as part of an act. And actually there are only 4 rings on the roof. The 5th (and centre ring) comes from elsewhere (i'll #savethesuprise and won't tell you where) but it is awesome when they do join together.
  17. There is a larger black structure connected to the stadium at the back (or on the other side to where the Orbit is) however I think its just an area for VIPs seeing how it is right where the IOC members/queen ect are sitting in the stadium. I did however notice this weird area which half looks like it is still being constructed next to the Olympic Stadium + the white dome? Anyone got any ideas?
  18. Sorry to ruin this theory but since I was there today I reckon I would have noticed something like that. Anyway...took a look at the photos I took and I think what you are looking at is the lights.
  19. I agree, and being at the top of the hill it really seems like it should have a role to play. Another thing I noticed was the water-wheel was still on the stage even after all the rest of the county-side props and 'things' were taken off. Maybe it's just a logistical thing since it is a pretty big structure but just food for thought. I would have thought they could have made it easy to dismantle - especially since there were 2min+ breaks to take it down.
  20. Right so I'm back from the rehearsal and can sadly say I'm non the wiser. However the show was amazing. * Firstly I noticed the rings around the roof/edge of the stadium - however during the show they turned out not to be part of the cauldron but as part of the performance (as seen in the photo above. And I can confirm it is completely real and not shopped.) * Secondly, there are 4 main clouds which circle the stadium, obviously part of the countryside section of the show. However I noticed that on the roof, on the section above where the tree is - there is a smaller, squarer cloud which was unused. Though eventually that too was used for a later part of the show. * The show does seem to have a lot of things coming out of the ground - so would it be impossible for the cauldron to raise from the middle of stadium? * The show also has a lot of things flying in from the air so perhaps the cauldron could be suspended. * I like the idea of a laser linking from Shard to the cauldron - perhaps going to other landmarks in the process. (Though that has of course already kind of been done). *What what I saw at the rehearsal, the tree did not make any contribution to the show, the hill leading up to it was used as a stage for music acts a couple of times as well as the flag poles - so surely the tree will be used for something? Finally - I did find some fireworks (at least that's what it looks like) on a barge floating in the river. http://i49.tinypic.com/2vneu02.jpg
  21. Well that's settled then. I'll still keep an eye out...just not bother checking out the Orbit in detail
  22. Been reading this thread for a while so thought I'd chip in... Right, so this evening (Monday) I'm off to see the opening ceremony rehearsal. Obviously I won't be saying what happens during the show but I'll keep a look out for anything that looks like a cauldron. -A side note, why are you all so quick to rule out the Obrit? When it was announced - the organisers said they wanted it to become London's answer to the Eiffel tower. What better way for it to become iconic (and known globally) than have the flame from the top of it?
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