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  1. Amazing cauldron. Looks fantastic - especially when they show the camera show from the centre looking up. Great idea to have 7 Olympians nominate 7 youngsters to light it - perfectly fits the 'Inspire a Generation' tag line.
  2. Nice idea. That would look good - a pine cone completely in flame or just a flame coming out the top. The pine tree isn't exactly British though :/
  3. Huh? The petals would fit into place on the 'centre of the flower' the round bit. (I guess) Maybe it could raise up and attach to the roof above the 'flag hill' That would look good.
  4. Ahhh this is awesome. Looks like the cauldron will be quite mosaic -ish. And it was right in front of us the whole time... of course
  5. A rose would make sense - Very British (well...English) and they are petals. Well they did say the cauldron was an 'event'
  6. Apparently the Beckham/Tower Bridge thing happened at about 9 when everyone was watching the ceremony. If it was pre recorded it would have been found out.
  7. Oh I love this petal thing - even though I'm not quite sure what it is. And team GB will have the big centre of the torch...or something ... What about the water wheel!! I want ma water wheel!
  8. So is the water wheel the cauldron? Like maybe it could turn or something and raise? Was it right there the whole time?...
  9. Haha MAX POWER???? And that rules out the little square cloud having any part.
  10. Haha, well I was 8 when that happened but if you're right then that gives hope that it is Redgrave - A choice I think most people would be happy with.
  11. If you're watching the preshow - take note of the hill and the path leading up it. Maybe the torch barer/barers will climb the hill before lighting the cauldron?
  12. nu4m - its been posted already and I think it was agreed that it's nothing. In other news: Redgrave is back on the BBC panel - still time for him to light the couldron at the end but he's still there.
  13. Nice idea but it is simply just a new tourist attraction called 'Up at the O2' ("The O2" is the newish official name for the Millennium Dome)
  14. ooo, well I hope he is part of it. Anyway - my prediction (or really what I hope it is.): Sir Rodger Banister passes the torch to Steve Redgrave, Redgrave passes it to Tom Daley and Tom Daley lights the couldron. -Or the other way around may work better - Daley starts and Banister finishes. As for the location - the tree, the hill (with the tree) or on the roof above it. But in just a few hours we will find out!
  15. I saw that photo too - but now I look at it again - I've realised it is actually the centre hoop of the olympic rings when they rise up. They have just hidden it under grass, very smart It's during the industrial revolution scene and its very cool indeed. I won't share the photo as I'll keep that surprise and you will see it anyway in 2 hours but it is part of the industrial revolution scene. BREAKING NEWS: Steve Redgrave is part of the BBC panel and has said he has not had a call yet. Unless he is hiding something and is going to go off and get changed - then he is not the lighter. The Guardian have this headline: "Queen becomes surprise late bet to light Olympic Cauldron"
  16. Yeh it has been really impressive. It reminds me of Kate Middleton's dress - all the press were desperately trying to find out what it looked like and who the designer was and they managed to keep it a secret till she stepped out of the car. They have achieved the same with London 2012 - we won't find out who lights the cauldron till he or she steps out onto the world stage.
  17. Yeh, obviously I couldn't see what it looked like (as I was under it) but I think it will be really effective with the LED-seat-lights.
  18. Haha, the audience are merely pawns. The cloth was only on us for 30 seconds I'd say so nobody felt we missed anything.
  19. Actually from around 19:30 till it starts they will be taught about certain things they will have to do. These range from using the LED lights attached to each chair, passing around the huge 'zorb' balls and passing the blue cloth over their heads for the opening scene. (The blue cloth will cover all of the audience and represents the sea around the 'Isles of Wonder'
  20. So if the tree was to go after the opening ceremony - why is the space behind it there - then there could be seats. perhaps the cauldron will be against that wall. When I first saw the inside of the stadium (when it was empty) I presumed a big screen would be there like in Wembley http://www.dingspages.me.uk/images/DSCN0074.jpg The other end has the bell and a performing area just below it - so that could definitely be a location for the cauldron.
  21. Right to answer your question, the 'mystery cloud' is in the middle of the pyramid which is directly above the tree. The cloud was moved inwards towards the centre slightly during the rehearsal but had no apparent function. I don't actually think it is the cloud so sorry for bringing this up ;D
  22. Had another look through my photos from Monday. This perfectly shows what I was talking about. The difference between the clouds which were used and the cloud which sat on the roof. I don't actually want the cauldron to be or to be on the cloud but its a nice bit of speculation.
  23. In past Olympics, has the cauldron design, location and the person lighting it ever been such a mystery? I think the Sydney cauldron was a secret but did people guess Kathy Freeman?
  24. Right, had a look through my photos and here are a couple for you lot. Firstly give you my 'mystery cloud' Secondly, you may all find this more interesting. I took a photo of the wires so take a look and see what you think of the floating cauldron idea after seeing this.
  25. The whole idea of the flame hovering in the centre keeps reminding me of the 'unused cloud' which I saw during the rehearsal. The cloud was sitting on the roof above the tree during the show and was not used when the other 4 big clouds were being walked round for the countryside scene. The cloud was moved however when the 'British Music/Dancing' scene started and was placed above this stupid house thing they built but didn't have any use. It's just a thought and I hope the flame isn't sitting on the cloud was that would be cheap and a bit crap.
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