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  1. Not sure if this has been posted yet. But the article contains information on the cauldron's design. http://www.dezeen.com/2012/07/31/london-2012-olympic-cauldron-by-thomas-heatherwick-model-and-drawings/
  2. How often are people going to be able to see it with all the sound and vibration stuff? Surely that's all very minimal since 99% of the time people will see it on branding and merchandise - as a flat image.
  3. That rain cloud will move over it and put it out with a bit of fake rain. But really... those thieving Brazilian kids from the opening ceremony video will run onto the stage and steal all the petals.
  4. Well Wembley is England's national stadium and since the Olympic Station will be changed to a 60,000 seater - any major events will use the 90,000 seater Wembley. I think it's crucial for a football club to take over the stadium for it to have regular use.
  5. I'm not going to care about any of the negative comments about this closing ceremony, to me and the rest of Britain - this is going to be fantastic! (And oh so so very cheesy and tacky) ...just ignore Jessie J, Spice Girls, Tinie Tempah and One Direction....
  6. The BBC news presenter has the stadium behind him and there are lots of green flashing lights. Looks like closing ceremony rehearsals are under way!
  7. Pretty poor website. Especially the menu bar, tut tut - very early days though. Took ages to load also, same problem for anyone else? I've noticed the Sochi2014.com is really impressive, Oh and since I'm reviewing, Rio2016.com - It's all to spacey and big, feels like I've zoomed in to 120%.
  8. Oh I only said 'are we' as speculation. Nothing confirmed yet And just noticed I posted the wrong video. Worth a watch if you haven't seen it before - with a video as good as this, any city could win their bid. Take note Nairobi!
  9. It may obviously be against the 'spirit' of the Olympics and every rule ever written. But a STEROID 100M! Some guy super wide eyes winning it in 5seconds.
  10. So are we going to have Heather Small perform. Would be perfect for the closing song. Especially because it was used for the (I think award winning) bid video.
  11. Exactly, a bit like the 100m but the athletes move their arms and legs faster.
  12. I think you're being a bit harsh on yourself there. Toronto is definitely a globally known city, if you asked people the capital of Canada, I think 70% would say Toronto. It's like people thinking Sydney is the capital of Australia, or Istanbul of Turkey. And the CN tower seriously helps Toronto with it's global image and making it recognisable.
  13. True, it's like how I still call New York - New Amsterdam. Some habits you just can't shake. (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/New_Amsterdam)
  14. I'd prefer USA to choose New York as it's bid city for 2024. However...which is more likely: NYC or LA?
  15. I've spotted a statue type sculpture of one of them by the river at the Olympic Park - no doubt the other one is close by.
  16. Yea good point. Great Britain went from 9 golds in Athens to 19 golds in Beijing and are on track to beat that in London.
  17. Taking a look at the current medals table, a few countries are performing noticeably poorly. Key: G/S/B - Total 10th - Russia: 3/12/8 - 23 Are Russia looking at their worst Olympic games performance in modern times? 19th - Australia: 1/9/4 - 14 The Aussies being outperformed by New Zealand who sit in 12th place. 21st - Brazil 1/1/4 - 6 With a population of over 200million, Brazil should have more than 1 gold at this point. 35th - India 0/1/1 - 2 with such a large population, 1 silver and 1 bronze is a major under performance. 46th - Greece 0/0/1 - 1 The birthplace of the Olympics has only picked up 1 bronze so far. Stats correct as of 04/08/2012
  18. The torch was relit by that old guy who was also part of the torch relay in 1948.
  19. Just watched the lighting of the cauldron - from the part where Redgrave hands it over. Best ever. Music is awesome. ( - Music)Perfect.
  20. That does seem like a shame but a very nice gesture for the other countries. When the park reopens after the Olympics there will be a London 2012 Olympic Museum built and I'm sure they will have enough things to fill it.
  21. Yeh each country must have either a sporting museum or at least a national museum. Does the IOC have their own museum for that united team (South Sudan folks ect..)?
  22. So does each petal have each nations name on it so they know whose-is-whose or are they just given away at random. I imagine if they had the county on each one then it would look nicer in whatever museum each one ends up in.
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