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  1. The games are a disaster already! They've built the street sign right in front of the door.
  2. The Guardian has done an article about the Paralympic success. Amazing.
  3. I went on the Javelin train the other day. It connects the Olympic Park to Central London in just 7 minutes. Felt fast!
  4. Well the only one I'd really want would be London 2012 - and I presume the winning cities bid books are rarer.
  5. Thanks So potentially there could be quite a few flying around for collectors to snap up.
  6. So these bid books - how rare are they? Are they sent only to the IOC members? or are they usually available for the public to buy during the bidding which means there could be quite a few floating around?
  7. Massive upset tonight as Pistorius came 2nd. However the big talking point will be his comments directly after the race where he questioned the rules and the fairness of the length of gold medal winner Alan Oliveira's (Brazil) blades.
  8. Is this the actual Paris 2008 Bid Book that was given to the IOC? http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/OO-PARIS-BID-BOOK-2008-OLYMPIC-GAMES-/390231730507?pt=AU_Summer_Winter_Games_Memorabilia&hash=item5adb9fa94b#ht_500wt_969 If so - what were they thinking. Looks rubbish and the orange writing with on that picture. No wonder they lost...
  9. Yeh they don't look the best with all that. However I presume it needs that extra strength to be able to raise them for ships - like with the Olympic Rings. + Will look better at night.
  10. Yeh go ahead. Not sure if anything could beat the NYC athletes village being on that little island to the east of Manhattan. That's sooo awesome.
  11. Let's not forget Lord Coe was a Conservative (Right Wing) politician for 5 years in the 1990s. He is one of the most popular men in Britain and the moment following the Olympic's success. You never know...might we one day see Prime Minister Sebastian Coe? (Plus he is only 55)
  12. Anyone know if the London 2012 official store will be having any kind of sale? I've heard on another forum or a warehouse sale soon - but that wasn't confirmed
  13. How does it work then? One of the current IOC members is voted to take his place? And we will know the decision is made when a puff of white smoke comes out the top of the IOC headquarters?
  14. Well the Olympics have been a massive success and with the cauldron distinguished, it can only mean the 2012 Paralympic Games are due to begin. The opening ceremony will take place on Wednesday 29th August at 8:30pm. Over 4,000 athletes from 162 nations will take part in various sports until Sunday 9th August when the closing ceremony signal the end of the games. With tickets already close to being sold out, many are predicting that these games will be without a doubt, the greatest Paralympic Games of all time. Earlier this year, I was selected to be a Games Maker at the Paralympics, so I will be working at the Paralympic Village bringing you all the gossip of who is doing who. Maybe...
  15. Don't get me wrong though - I'd would have preferred Ken to win in May. Boris does provide some funny moments though. Shame he didn't zip wire into the stadium last night.
  16. One of the highlights for many was London Mayor Boris Johnson dancing to Spice Girls. You may presume that everyone is embarrassed by him. However he has done so well out of these Olympics and has never been so popular. People are already talking about whether he will run for Prime Minster in the future. (I guess you may have to be British to 'get him'. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FaqVLzQsMN8
  17. I agree it looks really good at - shall we call it '45 degrees' - though I feel many people would complain that it would be a collection of lights - rather than an actual cauldron. Plus the idea behind it is that each petal represents a country and they are all brought together as one.
  18. Well I guess we will have our piece and don't forget our new shiny massive bell which I'm sure will be rung at the start of every future Olympics.
  19. The petals are an unselfish gift from London - for countries who have never hosted an Olympics and have very little major Olympic artefacts. If a country doesn't have a national Olympic museum for it - then surely they have some kind of history or sports museum.
  20. You have the Royal Albert Hall on the left there. Opened in 1871 by Queen Victoria and named in memory of her deceased husband Prince Albert.
  21. SPOILER SPOILER SPOILER SPOILER SPOILER SPOILER SPOILER SPOILER SPOILER SPOILER SPOILER SPOILER So that is taken from the page Olympian2004 posted above. Does that mean those of those artists/bands will perform? Like David Bowie, Elton John, Rolling Stones would be massive. The Clash are all dead so I'm guessing that means all those artists will just have their tracks played during the parade. And it mentions Kate Bush will sing - why does she make so few performances?
  22. Or over complicated cauldrons which don't work correctly on the night. *Cough* Sydney *Cough*
  23. BBC News this evening. Any chance of a 'moment of respect' at the closing ceremony? Since it's Iran, it may work as a good moment to promote world peace and togetherness.
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